Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Walkthrough Part 8: Lady Butterfly

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Walkthrough Part 8: Lady Butterfly

You’ve got a boss to fight and he is on the same floor as you. But before that, grab some loot. Reset if someone seriously damages you because you really need your health points right now. Explore the house, kill some enemies, grab some items. Finally, go again upstairs and fight Ashina Elite. Now, this guy may be very difficult for some, but he’s worth trying because you want a Prayer Bead.

After he’s done, travel back to Hirata, Bamboo Thicket Slope.

Jump to the water and rope on up when you reach the tree.

Walk until you encounter two guys with spears. They are really hard to fight but after you kill them, you can freely pick up the items around. Now, head on back. There are a couple of different enemies in this area. Dispatch those scrubs and walk your way up to the area shown in the picture below.

To get out of there, you need to make consecutive wall jumps. Once you get on top, you’ll see a burning place. Find the idol and hit it. This is where Hirata Estates really kicks off. There are two bosses we’re about to tackle.

Anyway, rope on up to the roofs and let the enemies look around for you. Thankfully they don’t know how to climb up there. You can fight them and once you find yourself in a difficult situation, you can go back up. You can even reset and try again. There’s no problem with retreating if it saves your life, that’s one of the most important rules for a shinobi.

Go to the houses and grab Dousing Powder and Divine Confetti. There’s also a Ceramic Shard around. 

Continue fighting but remember; there is no point in fighting everyone at the same time. Kill as many as you can. You don’t want them to get in your way during the boss fight.

The NPC will help you fight the boss. You don’t have to do much, he is brave enough.

Go inside and pick up some goodies.  Next, find a chest with a Prayer Bead inside. Lastly, rest at the idol. The next one is Lady Butterfly. She loves to throw out kunai at you. Usage of the skill Nightjar Slash is recommended.

To find her take a look at the picture below. That’s the hidden way that leads to her.

Once the fight starts, keep in mind that this fight is all about aggression. Don’t let her do any summoning. Stay super aggressive on her.

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