Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Walkthrough Part 9: Senpou Temple

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Part 9: Senpou Temple

We’re going to make our way back over to The Blackhat Badger. Travel to Old Grave idol.

Drop on down and talk to the blackhat badger. If you haven’t got the Iron Fortress yet, we strongly recommend you do it now. Also, take the Anti-air Deathblow Text. There’s Yashariku’s Sugar; it reduces your health in half but your hits become super powerful. Meanwhile, Bite Down is used to kill yourself and resurrect so you can do more damage to the enemy.  It’s probably only used during boss fights.

Head back to the Last Communed idol and travel to Ashina Castle – Abandoned Dungeon Entrance.

Go straight and talk to your merchant friend. You’ll get Lump of Fat Wax x 3.

Swim through the water. There are a couple of things to pick up and some enemies to kill. Zip around the corner and pop the mechanism. It’ll take you up.

Go to the idol and do some upgrades if you want to. But right after that, go outside to the big boy that’s crying and talk to him. It’s a quest but skip it for now.

Jump down.

Notice that there’s a kite. Don’t fly it yet. Instead, just pick up some items and go back up to the monks. Now, monks are fairly easy when fighting one on one but it’s very easy for them to outnumber you also. Use the rope points of the area in your advantage.

Kill every monk in the forest and then go inside the building nearby. There are lots of annoying crickets. Kill as much as you want and grab some items. There’s also a weird special monk inside but you don’t need to worry about him at this point.

Next, go outside and talk to the lady sitting there. There are two such ladies that basically give you guides in exchange for some rice but what they don’t know is that you have us to give you a better and comprehensive guide, so you don’t have to worry about them.

Anyway, grab a balloon and rope up to the tree for a light purse.

After you got that one, go down to the monks, kill the two of them and grab the Antidote Powder. There is an idol literally right up ahead and it would be a loss to not get it.

Get the idol and go back to fight the guys that use twin blades. If you’re not careful, they can be very deadly. We recommend you just run past this area because two or more of them can be very annoying. But feel free to kill them if you really want to.

Go ahead and find a new merchant.

This merchant sells Persimmons. We don’t recommend to use them yet because you need some of these for the Divine Child.

At this point, take the path shown below and sneak until you find some rats enemies. Kill them and take the sugar. Next, rope on up and kill two more. Continue up. Now, this part is a little bit tricky because you have to go to the other side but it’s very easy to fall down unless you’re good at orienting yourself so that you’re facing the wall. Once you have succeeded, go up and grab the White Pinwheel. A little bit more up you’ll find a building. The centipedes inside are pretty easy to kill but there is a fight you have to go through whose time has not come just yet. There are a few things you need to do before this fight occurs. Lastly, go to the bell and ring it.

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