Slickpoo : The Clown Game Walkthrough

Slickpoo : The Clown Game Walkthrough

    It’s a single player mobile phone game with a horror background story. The player is on a mission to find where his brother is held by a creepy scary clown who lives in the same neighbourhood. On the path to discovery, you have to craft tools to help you overcome the displayed obstacles. You also have to solve mysteries and to find hidden clues. There are a lot of twists, jumpscares, shadow people, slenderman, and other creepy creatures to keep you focused. To beat the clown you have to be very fast, smart and innovative. Starting off, you notice couple of things on your work desk. A weird machine connected to the PC and a message light blinking on your phone. You look through telescope and you spot the Clown. So your search begins. Don’t be scared, run and hide, you have 6 tries to solve each puzzle.

Things to consider while playing:

  • Craft tools which will help you to advance in your search.
  • Be more intelligent than him.
  • Sneak
  • Run and hide
  • The most important… Don’t be scared!

If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Click below to download the game for free: