Snow Drift Gameplay and Walkthrough

#18 in Action

    Snow Drift is a just released action game developed by SayGames LLC. The app features an exciting simulation where the player has to clear the snow out of the way. Instead of having a shovel you just have a car whose aim is to clear the featured snow of each level by drifting around. This simple and very addictive gameplay comes out in a nicely created world with detailed surroundings and prompt controls. Your car is your main and only weapon on the mission of clearing out the snow around. Basically Snow Drift is entertainingly simple. There are no time limits, no life constraints and the car is controlled by just tapping left or right. The car will start moving as you tap once and then you’ll have to guide its drifting in order to get all the snow along the way. If you’re here it means that you’ll be on your own able to distinguish the huge resemblance that Snow Drift has with the all-time classic Crash & Burn; Just remove the racing idea and add some snow that needs to be clean into it.

   The game starts out with the car being steady commonly in the middle of a certain amount of snow. The only thing to consider before diving in and causing the car to start moving by tapping on the screen is to check the surrounding environment. The only thing that would cause the end of your round are the cases when you get out of the track frame. Drifting wes never easy especially if you need to make it within a predetermined territory thus Snow Drift will remain challenging and at the same time very enjoyable and appealing. The game is very interactive and fun to play. Will you beat all levels and become the drift master? The following gameplay and walkthrough videos will certainly give you a good hand of help:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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