Sparkman Game Walkthrough

     Sparkman is a funny provocative puzzle game in where you are given a guy that’s about to explode due to the fire above his head and your job is to make him reach the water. Each level brings out a totally different solution whereas you can even come up with you own creative solution. Sparkman is an intelligent puzzle game with a dynamic mechanism and a lots of interesting levels. Some levels might look easy but the main obstacle consists in the reward system of 3 stars which depends on the time spent to lead your sparkman into water. You have just 10 seconds available to save the sparkman from exploding and you must obviously do something quickly as soon as your start out every level. Make sure you’ll make everything you can to find the best way of completing each level. Keep in mind to not be afraid to think out of the box.

    Sparkman’s gameplay is very charming. You just need to tap once upon the red stuff to make sure that you’ve thrown sparkman into water. Set in a minimalistic 2D world your only mission is to lead your sparkman into the water by cutting out ropes accordingly. The longer you need to dive your character’s soon-to explode head into the indicated water area, the fewer stars you’ll gain in that corresponding level. The game’s developers have done a great work on forcing players to try the same levels over and over again in their attempt to always acquire the corresponding 3-stars. It’s definitely a simple, smart, funny but challenging puzzle game that features a very inviting app gaming experience. Just make sure not to allow the sparkman explode! His life will be in your hands.

If you need you can rely on the following video walkthroughs of all the so far levels of the game:

  • 1-34 Levels Walkthrough:

  • 35-56 Levels Walkthrough

  • 58-80 Levels Walkthrough

  • 81-100 Levels Walkthrough

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