Spotlight – Escape Game Full Walkthrough

Spotlight Room Escape is a thrilling and mysterious escape game where the main character has been kidnapped and forgotten everything.  He’s trapped in a room and all he knows is that he has to get out of there before time runs out. Inside the game, you’ll be in the place of this person and will help him escape. In addition, you have to find answers of various questions like who kidnapped you and why. The game has a beautiful design and it consists of many episodes. During the journey, you need to use your logic, critical thinking, and your eyes in order to get every possible clues. Like many other escape games, Spotlight also helps you test your abilities as an investigator. Its riddles and puzzles are very interesting and some scenes are really thrilling. If you have not installed the game yet, you can get it by clicking the icons in the end of this article. It is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

In case you get stuck, here are all the episodes of Spotlight Escape Game Chapter 1.

Spotlight – Escape Game Part 1 Walkthrough

Spotlight – Escape Game Part 2 Walkthrough

Spotlight – Escape Game Part 3 Walkthrough

Spotlight – Escape Game Part 4 Walkthrough

Spotlight – Escape Game Part 5 Walkthrough