Spotlight – Escape Game Part 1 Walkthrough

Spotlight Room Escape is a thrilling and mysterious escape game where the main character has been kidnapped and forgotten everything.  He’s trapped in a room and all he knows is that he has to get out of there before time runs out. Inside the game, you’ll be in the place of this person and will help him escape. In addition, you have to find answers of various questions like who kidnapped you and why. The game has a beautiful design and it consists of many episodes. During the journey, you need to use your logic, critical thinking, and your eyes in order to get every possible clues. Like many other escape games, Spotlight also helps you test your abilities as an investigator. Its riddles and puzzles are very interesting and some scenes are really thrilling. If you have not installed the game yet, you can get it by clicking the icons in the end of this article. It is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Spotlight: Room Escape Part 1 – Awakening

Start it off by completing the tutorial the game itself offers and then make your way up to the bedroom. It looks very old and dirty but your objective is not sleeping so do not worry. Instead, pick up the stick right between the bed and the red case. Then, use the knife to open up the box and get the door lock that is inside. Use that door lock to open the door of the bathroom on the left and head inside.

Get that toilet plunger and go to the kitchen. Open up the upper drawers and you’ll see a flashlight right next to a pot. Get the flashlight and find its batteries right inside the drawers next to the stove. Once you find them, you’ll then have a functional flashlight.

At this point take a look at the dinning table. There’s a magazine, some food and a piece of glass that contains number 6 in it. Obviously, the piece of glass doesn’t normally belong to a dinning table, so grab it as you might need it later on. Have a look inside the drawers on the right and find another piece of glass with number 4 on it. Finally, let’s make use for the toilet plunger we just got and unblock the sink. After the water goes away, you will see a key. Take that key and go to the corridor. Do you see the slightly opened brown door? Enter inside.

There are some pictures hung on the wall. Take a look behind them and search for another piece of glass that has the letter E on it. Next, find a nearby room that has a locker and an opened box inside. Right next to the opened box, there is another piece of glass you should grab. After that, make your way again to the bathroom and stick the pieces like it’s shown below:

It says:


And that is probably a password for the locked case in the bedroom. Try it out!

Take what’s inside the case and find a room with a desk and a chair. If you take a look at the desk, there is a missing piece of iron that does not allow the light to turn on. Stick the piece of wire you got from the red case and then tap on the yellow “Danger” triangle to solve a puzzle which is a bit mathematical. You basically need to plug the wires in groups of three by taking into consideration their number and the sum they make. Here’s the solution in case you get stuck:

The light will turn on by the end of this puzzle. Notice the “AMDG” letters and go to the bathroom once again. See the fan spot? Use the screwdriver to open it up and get the key. You can use that key to unlock one of the doors of the locker we saw before. So, go there, unlock the door of the locker and get the head of the axe that is inside. Combine it with the stick and you will have a fully functional axe. You ain’t going to cut trees with that axe. What you should do is to go to the room shown in the picture below, and start hitting the white wall.

After the wall is destroyed, point the flashlight to it and notice what’s written.

A = 6

D = 2

G = 7

M = 8

Remember AMDG? Replace the letters with their respective numbers and you’ll get the code 6827, a code you need to open the case hidden inside a drawer in the kitchen. If you insert the code correctly, the case will open and you’ll see a letter inside. This letter is actually the hint for the solution you need to open up the metallic door in the corridor. This is the solution:

And that makes the end for Part 1.

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