Spotlight – Escape Game Part 2 Walkthrough

Spotlight Room Escape is a thrilling and mysterious escape game where the main character has been kidnapped and forgotten everything.  He’s trapped in a room and all he knows is that he has to get out of there before time runs out. Inside the game, you’ll be in the place of this person and will help him escape. In addition, you have to find answers of various questions like who kidnapped you and why. The game has a beautiful design and it consists of many episodes. During the journey, you need to use your logic, critical thinking, and your eyes in order to get every possible clues. Like many other escape games, Spotlight also helps you test your abilities as an investigator. Its riddles and puzzles are very interesting and some scenes are really thrilling. If you have not installed the game yet, you can get it by clicking the icons in the end of this article. It is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Spotlight: Room Escape Part 2 – The Hope

The way is blocked so you need to find a way to change that. Go through the door on the right and open up the white container. It has 5 keys inside, so why not take them all? Go back again and take a closer look at the mess that is blocking your way. Can you see the drawer? Open it up and a card will fall down. Make sure you grab that card and go back again at the previous place in order to open Room 805 using one of the keys. It is a bedroom. Explore around but what you should get is a black object found in one of the bookshelves. Then, go to the next room and reach behind the picture to turn on the hidden device.

There’s a screw next to the TV. Get it and go back to the corridor again. There’s a mathematical riddle on the wall which says:

1 + 2 = 2

2 + 3 = 12

3 + 4 = 36

4 + 5 = 80

5 + 6 = ??

You solve it by multiplying the numbers instead of adding them, and then by multiplying the product with the first number one more time. This means 5 + 6 is actually 5 x 6 x 5 = 150.

Now we have number 150 and we know a place that requires a 3 digit passcode; the bedside table in the bedroom. Enter the passcode and the drawer will open. There is another piece of paper with a pattern in it.

At this point, you should take a closer look at this frame.

It’s a pattern we actually need to follow for the bookshelf. Memorize the pattern and then go to the bookshelf in the bedroom and make it look like this:

Now, go to the next room with the TV and notice that one of the drawers is opened and there’s a card inside. Take the card, go to the corridor and open the door that can only open by card. Then, go inside. It is a surgery room.

Open up the cabinet and take another piece of paper. Next, remove the poster of the human body from the wall and look at the locked safe. We need to find the code for that. Look at the drawers of the cabinet and notice this:

Too much mathematics in this game? Don’t worry, we got your back! Turn the first plus into a multiplication sign, the second minus into a plus, the third plus into a multiplication sign, and the fourth division into a minus. Finally the drawer will open and you’ll get another card. Next, open up the first drawer and get the drawer lock.

After that go to the bedroom and if you tap on the door on the left, a puzzle will show up. In this puzzle you have to press the green buttons in the pattern shown in the four pieces of paper you have found so far. The solution will look like this:

Once you’re done, click on OPEN and the drawer will open. Then tap on the device found inside to turn it on. The device has basically turned on the TV. To be sure, go to the TV and have a look at it. Tap on the TV and look at what it displays.

The TV will show you that a scary looking guy is inside the house. Don’t panic, we got this. Before doing anything, take the item in the cupboard. Then, go to the corridor and use the key to open up the locked locker. The locker is too rusty so use the spray on it and the locker will finally open.

Grab the ladders and use them here:

Go inside and eventually you’ll find yourself in front of the elevator “LEVEL 8”. Use the card to open it up and take the paper that’s inside. After that, go back to the corridor and take the paper that says “Trust your instincts. Survive.” Lastly, go back to the surgical room and tap on the safe. The code is related to the paper we just got from the elevator. And it looks like this:

Finally the safe will open up and there’s a drill inside. Take the drill and combine it with the screw you got earlier. Next, make your way back to the elevator and use the drill on its buttons.

That makes the end for Part 2.

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