Spotlight – Escape Game Part 3 Walkthrough

Spotlight Room Escape is a thrilling and mysterious escape game where the main character has been kidnapped and forgotten everything.  He’s trapped in a room and all he knows is that he has to get out of there before time runs out. Inside the game, you’ll be in the place of this person and will help him escape. In addition, you have to find answers of various questions like who kidnapped you and why. The game has a beautiful design and it consists of many episodes. During the journey, you need to use your logic, critical thinking, and your eyes in order to get every possible clues. Like many other escape games, Spotlight also helps you test your abilities as an investigator. Its riddles and puzzles are very interesting and some scenes are really thrilling. If you have not installed the game yet, you can get it by clicking the icons in the end of this article. It is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Spotlight: Room Escape Part 3 – Menace

Open up the elevator’s door and go to the corridor. There’s a note hanging on the right wall which says “Experiment Participants” and has a list of names. Make sure you take it. Then tap on the left-bottom corner of the corridor where you see some books laying on the ground. First, take the metallic pipe and then open up the books and browse their pages until you see this page:

Those names are found in the note you just found a little bit earlier. So, check up their names in the note and have a look at their respective numbers. Number “7428” is formed.

Right after that, take the pipe and use it on the suspicious tile of the grey wall (on the left). Remove the tile and get the key that’s inside. Use that key inside the elevator in order to get access to a locked case that you need to unlock. As mentioned above, the code is 7428. Once unlocked, take the other key inside the case. This key is needed to open up the door on the right of the corridor. So, do that and head inside.

Find the device shown below and tap on the tiny button on the left.

Also, take the big knife positioned between the wine bottles in the cabinet.

Next stop:

Take the pool ball and then go to the next room to get a key that is hanged on the wall. Use that key to open up the case that is found at the corner of the room with the pool table in it. Once unlocked, you’ll see that there’s a hammer and a pool ball inside. Take them both.

Next, make your way back here:

Remove the black plate and use the hammer to destroy the wall. A safe will show up. To unlock it, you need to solve three similar puzzles and if you get stuck, here are the solutions to them:

It turns out that the safe also has a pool ball inside. What’s up with these pool balls anyway?

At this point, go to the pool table, take the drink and have a look at the table pockets. Four of them have roman number written on them. Keep those numbers in mind.

Tap on the chair and then click on it until you find a hidden paper. Take the paper and the key. Next, go to this spot:

Tap on the door and you’ll see the writing:


Hmm, okay?

Go to the place shown below now and click on where the mouse is pointing:

It requires a code. To find the code take a look at this letter:

Count the vertexes for each geometrical shape and that should give you the code, which is 4305. And of course, we did this to get another pool ball.

Now go to the billiard table. The roman numbers on the pockets are not there for nothing. You should have 4 balls by now; one for each pocket. To know where to place each ball, look at the roman numbers.

After you place them correctly, something will happen. The pool table will give you a card. Get it and use the card on this machine:

Use the bottle you have on the scanner and the green button will turn on. Tap on the green button and you will get another card.

Lastly, go back to the corridor and use the card to open up the Exit door.

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