Spotlight – Escape Game Part 4 Walkthrough

Spotlight Room Escape is a thrilling and mysterious escape game where the main character has been kidnapped and forgotten everything.  He’s trapped in a room and all he knows is that he has to get out of there before time runs out. Inside the game, you’ll be in the place of this person and will help him escape. In addition, you have to find answers of various questions like who kidnapped you and why. The game has a beautiful design and it consists of many episodes. During the journey, you need to use your logic, critical thinking, and your eyes in order to get every possible clues. Like many other escape games, Spotlight also helps you test your abilities as an investigator. Its riddles and puzzles are very interesting and some scenes are really thrilling. If you have not installed the game yet, you can get it by clicking the icons in the end of this article. It is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Spotlight: Room Escape Part 4 – Fatum

Start this level off by grabbing the air pump next to the broken bicycle and a pipe from the bicycle’s tire. Next, tap on the flammable cabin and use the red hammer to break its glass. There’s something useful in it. You can also find a toolbox laying on the ground. The toolbox has only one tool inside. Take that tool and grab a piece of glass also. There’s a cloth hanging on the wall. Take the insulator inside of its pocket and combine it with the piece of glass you already own. You should have a fully functional hand-made knife by now. Use that knife to get an electric wire next to the flammable cabin and lastly tap on the main door.

Use the bicycle pipe on the right lock. Now combine the wire with the knife in order to get the key positioned under the door.

Those keys actually belong to the door on the right side of the corridor. So use them to go inside that room which is basically just a not so clean bathroom. Once you’re inside the bathroom, notice the green piece of paper on the sink and take it. There is another identical one inside the trash bin.

If you have a look at the toilets you will be able to find a black colored device. Take that, combine it with the air pump and use it to unblock the sink. Here’s where you can get a key:

And here’s where you can use that key:

You should combine the small item that’s inside with the tool that you earlier found inside the toolbox. Use that combination in this toilet and get the ring that’s inside:

At this point, make your way back to the corridor and before solving the puzzle(on the other door), place the ring in it. The time in the WOTOROLA device is 17:45, so that must be a code we can try. You can see the solution below.

This other room is the kitchen, still an old one. Make sure you find and take the frying pan. Also have a look inside each of the drawers. You’ll be able to find another green paper, a pack of Nescafe, a white cup, a key, and a teapot.

At this point go here:

Tap on the puzzle, place all of your green cards and solve it.

Then, you’ll see a key. Take it. (This game is full of keys, isn’t it?)

And talking of keys, use one of your keys to open up the big safe. Surprisingly, there’s nothing inside.

Now, have a look at the calendar and its circled dates. Then if you have a look on the right, you can see another key. Take it and make your way to this room:

Grab the giant scissors and the gas container. Then, go to this spot.

After taking the tool on the left, tap on the card reader just to see. Then, take the box in the corner and tap on the right side. There’s a device that requires a password. Insert 7049. The safe has two buttons inside. Grab them and place them in the next device. The second safe will open up. Take the knife and place the block inside.

Use the knife to break the ice inside of the refrigerator in the kitchen and take a piece of it.

Next, go back to the bathroom and using one of your tools, open up this container:

Rotate the wheel and use the gigantic scissors to cut and take the wire. Next, fill the teapot with water and go to the kitchen. Under the stove, place the gas container and the wire to make the stove work and once it does, place the frying pan and the ice block on it. You’ll get a wallet. Open it up and take one of its cards. Also, place the teapot to boil some water. Place some boiled water and Nescafe inside the cup.

Now that you got the card and a cup of coffee, go one more time to the door with the card reader, place the card and place the code according to the calendar, which is: 160769.

Eventually, you’ll end up here.

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