Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Chapter 0 Walkthrough

Tiny Room Stories – Town Mystery is a nice puzzle game made by Kiary Games.  It’s about a private detective who after receives a letter from his father asking for help, goes to the small town of Redcliff. But there’s a mystery going on; the city is empty. Your goal as a player is to find out where the inhabitants are gone and what has happened to father. The game is very well rated in Play Store and its features are pretty amazing.

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Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Chapter 0

Start by tapping on the barrier. It’s lowered and you need a remote control to move it up. Rotate the platform and tap on the back door of the house. The door is locked, so take a pipe to unlock it by force. Head inside and find this note:

And this one under the keyboard:

Get the tools inside one of the cabinets to repair the power box and turn the lights on. The computer will then turn on and you’ll need to insert the password to use it. According to the two notes that we found before, the passcode should look like this:

Click on the Barrier Control and switch it ON. Now the road is clear and it’s time to go to the car.

Level Finished!

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