Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Tiny Room Stories – Town Mystery is a nice puzzle game made by Kiary Games.  It’s about a private detective who after receives a letter from his father asking for help, goes to the small town of Redcliff. But there’s a mystery going on; the city is empty. Your goal as a player is to find out where the inhabitants are gone and what has happened to father. The game is very well rated in Play Store and its features are pretty amazing.

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Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Chapter 3

Enter the church, turn the lights on and go to the room on the back. Head upstairs and find a note.

Go back to the main room, and make the seats look like the pattern in the note.

You can now go downstairs. But before doing that, have a look at the back of the church from outside. There’s a big banner with a blue car and a code. The code is 2523. What you want to do is go to the room that contains a PC and make sure you enter the code 2523 and print something.

Take the printed paper and go to the piano. Make sure you play the piano like this:

After that, a secret cabinet will open up. There’s a key hidden in there. Turn off the lights and notice the green dots. You should solve this puzzle based on them.

Get the key and go to the below-shown room.

Notice the pictures, their size and the number of lines they contain. If we order them by size and take the number of lines they contain, we get number 4213.

Use it here:

Get the key and head upstairs. There’s a case that requires a passcode, which you can easily find out by looking at the pictures inside the church’s main room.

Now that you got 3 keys, go to the basement and use the keys to turn on the power box.

Lastly, head through the door that will show up.

Level Finished!

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