Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Chapter 5 Walkthrough

Tiny Room Stories – Town Mystery is a nice puzzle game made by Kiary Games.  It’s about a private detective who after receives a letter from his father asking for help, goes to the small town of Redcliff. But there’s a mystery going on; the city is empty. Your goal as a player is to find out where the inhabitants are gone and what has happened to father. The game is very well rated in Play Store and its features are pretty amazing.

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Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Chapter 5

It’s raining so go inside the house and notice the pictures that contain colored circles. There’s a picture like that inside one of the cabinets also. The circles are forming the colors orange, green, purple, and gray. Tap on the trash bin and find this piece of paper:

Match the above-mentioned colors to the numbers in order to find the correct password for the computer. The correct password is 2854. Next, open the gate control. Head outside and go to the next area.

Have a look at the table and the chairs.

Find 4 jumpers and then go here:

There’s a key hidden under a rock right next to the stairs. Take it and use it to go inside the house. You’ll see a corridor with 4 colored doors. Take the key hanged on the red door, go back outside and head to the trucks. Use the key to open one of the trucks and get the ladder. Now go back again to the previous area and use the ladder to climb up to the roof. Then, from there make your way inside the house.

Move the boxes to get the key. Then, open up the cabinets to get 4 more jumpers and a crowbar. You can find 4 more jumpers inside the boxes next to the cabinets.

Next, go to the corridor and head inside the room with the green door. There’s a case under the beds. Take the access card and head inside the room with the red door. Find a key and 4 more jumpers.

Lastly, enter the room with the blue door and have a look at these hidden numbers:

Also, get the three jumpers right next to number 8.

Use those numbers to unlock the locked cabinet. Once you unlock it, get the paper that’s inside.

Go up to the roof and solve this puzzle:

Then, insert the access card to the box on the right. It will require an 8 digit password. Based on the paper inside the room with the green door

the first password is the correct one.

At this point, head inside the room with the blue door and rotate the buttons like this:

A puzzle will show up. The note we found will help to solve it.

Now, head outside and go inside the cavern. Lower the handle to turn on the lights.

Level Finished!

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