Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Chapter 6 Walkthrough

Tiny Room Stories – Town Mystery is a nice puzzle game made by Kiary Games.  It’s about a private detective who after receives a letter from his father asking for help, goes to the small town of Redcliff. But there’s a mystery going on; the city is empty. Your goal as a player is to find out where the inhabitants are gone and what has happened to father. The game is very well rated in Play Store and its features are pretty amazing.

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Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Chapter 6

Enter the cave and get the stone cube.


Explore the rooms and try to find 6 light gray stone cubes and 4 dark gray stone cubes. Then, go to the below shown room and place the cubes like this:

Tap on the iron rods to make the tower display the correct symbols.

Next, solve this puzzle:

Next, go to this room:

Turn on the monitor and wait. You’ll be redirected to somewhere else (white background).

Make the cubes look like this:

The rest is very clear.

Level finished!

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