Trick Shot 2 Game Walkthrough

#17 in Puzzle

        Trick Shot 2 is a physics puzzle game created from Jonathan Topf. The goal in Trick Shot 2, remains the same just like in Trick Shot released earlier than its successor. The goal stays the same: just shoot the ball into a box. Being known that recent releases always deliver improved versions, Trick Shot 2 doesn’t break this principle. This ultimate edition is executed wonderfully on all levels and delivers some great extras.

      The controls stand striking, as you launch the ball by sliding your finger back inside an outlined launch area and releasing. The action is similar to the slingshot mechanics used in the common Angry Birds. The trick is to get the perfect angle, velocity, and timing to land the ball in the box. The process is complicated by the fact that the ball is incredibly bouncy and there often is a maze of other objects that prevents the ball arrive to its final destination.

       Trick Shot 2 looks just fantastic. Everything from the beautifully rendered 3D obstacles and smooth animations has been executed at its best. The game is split across 9 chapters each of which is made up of multiple levels. As the chapters unfold, the game introduces new mechanics such as switches and teleportation machines that keep the gameplay challenging. If you get stuck, you can spend coins to get a hint from a helpful robot. If you run out of the coins, you can purchase more through the in-app purchases, but they aren’t necessary to complete the game. However, if you get stuck between the game’s levels rely on the following video walkthroughs of all the chapters and levels:

Click the following icon to download the game on iOS ($2.99):