Typochondria Game Walkthrough

     Typochondria by Chester Monty Games LLC is an unique word game that’s quickly becoming a massive hit on its genre. The game is all about misspellings while you are given the role of a book editor tasked with finding and fixing all of the misspellings in some very sloppy writing. Tihnk you have what it taakes?

     By being annoyingly challenging and slightly pretentious Typochondria offers a very engaging gameplay that will challenge your vocabulary and test your patience. The striking game derives from a result of about a year’s worth of free-time development. It features over 1500 unique sentences, where each of them has its own multiple variations. There are three different gameplay modes to choose from and there’s obviously also the global scoreboard in where you’ll be ranked. In Normal mode you get to tap the typos in each sentence while trying to keep up with a quickening timer as the sentences get longer and the typos become more insidious. In Challenge mode it features a twist on Normal Mode. You get to select the number of typos in the sentence rather than the individual typos. While there’s also Zen mode, where your just have to sit back, relax and enjoy fixing other people’s mistakes without the added stress of lives or timers.

    Typochondria offers quite more than just a regular word game. The random sentences and they typo generation leads to unconventional word combinations. You can play however you want to play and whenever you want to. You get to choose from either Crime, Sci-Fi, Romance or Non-Fiction, where each features its own unique vocabulary, sentence structures, and ridiculous generated sentences. Here is a walkthrough guide to help you if you get stuck: