Typoman Mobile Chapter 1 Walkthrough

1- Starting out in the first chapter you’ll need to form the word ‘OPEN’ among the displayed letters at the start of the chapter. Initially you’ll have to push the word ‘ONE’ that’s already in place next to the gate’s lever. Then get the ‘P’ standing on the left and make sure you pack them together. Now rearrange the letters to form the word ‘OPEN’ and the gate will be opened.

2- Continue your way to the right where a monster from below will try to attack you along the way.

3-  Reach as right as you can and then jump over the wooden platforms to get another quotation mark laying in there.

4- Get to the bottom and then continue on the right. You’ll promptly notice several letter hanging on ropes. Cross to the other side through the ropes until the rope with the letter ‘D’ hanging.

5- As you reach it the letter ‘D’ will fall off. Get the ‘D’ and then throw it upon the monster coming out from the hole seeming like a malignant tree branch. After it grabs the ‘D’ the monster will stop its attacks and you’ll be able to proceed comfortably.

6- Get the ‘N’ from the opposite side and bring it next to the ‘O’ at the right gate.

7- As the gate open proceed through to where you’ll reach a ‘GAS’ area from where you must move as fast as possible.

8- Afterwards you’ll face a strange platform which changes its letters alignment from ‘SPANS’ to ‘SNAPS’ and vice-versa. Be aware not to jump off in the wrong time, implying when the platform indicates ‘SNAPS’ and whirls quickly around thus making you die.

9- Continue on the right where you’ll spot the timber platform exits which can lead you to an above area where some continuously moving platforms would take you to collect another quotation mark.

10- Now it’s time to proceed to turn back and proceed further on the bottom right.

11- Reach the bottom and then grab the ‘O’ that’s laying on the junk at the left. Put the ‘O’ together with the other letters ‘WDN’ and the then form ‘DOWN’ to make the ladder come a bit down and become reachable.

12- Get above through the ladders and push the ‘O’ next the ‘N’ to form ‘ON’ and activate the switch.

13- As you go down you’ll notice that the platform that ‘SPANS’ and “SNAPS’ moves too quickly making you unable to go through. Get above once again and drag the ‘O’ to turn off the switch when the below platform will let you pass through it.

14- Move quickly through the ‘GAS’ area without getting asphyxiated.

15- Proceed through on the right while being aware of the following trap of the press machinery with the word ‘CRUSH’ upon. As the platform moves upwards it indicates ‘RUSH’ and that’s exactly what you need to do.

16- Jump over the rocking cliff and get to the ladders without any delay.

17- As you notice the word ‘PRAISE’ on the floor jump upon the letters of it and wait for the moving platform to pass near you so that you can climb over. Get the quotation mark on the left.

18- Now continue on the bottom right and rearrange the word ‘PRAISE’ as ‘RISE’.

19- Get the ‘P’ from the remaining letters and take it to the first ‘GAS’ word. Form ‘GASP’ and then continue to the second one.

20- You’ll have to reach the platform that goes up and down on the right. In order to be able to breath in the meantime while waiting on the gas area you’ll have to form ‘GASP’ even a few times.

21- Before jumping over the platform get the quotation mark in the tiny area on the right, next to the platform.

22- Stir the lever to activate the platform and jump over it quickly while making sure you don’t get asphyxiated once .

23 – Here you’ll be facing a different enemy that will jump from above coming out from the letters ‘HATE’ and that will definitely be promising. You won’t have any attacks to perform towards him but just the ability to rush to the right. Be aware of the three pressing platforms as the can be a vital help but at the same time a direct threat. Use them to crush the opponent that’s following you within an inch.

24- After managing to arrive bottom to right continue your way the ladders leading above.

25- Form the word ‘DOWN’ using the letters of ‘WOUND & C’.

26- As the platform reaches your level before jumping in make sure to have dragged into also the letters ‘U’ and ‘P’. Form the word ‘UP’ and the platform to make the platform go up.

27- Before descending get the ‘P’ letter so that you can use it to make the word ‘GAS’ into ‘GASP’ and become able to cross this sector.

28- Proceed further while aware of the enemy that’s expecting you to come down and end your round. Reach the hanging ropes and make your way to the top right. Then catch once again the ropes on the left and continue through to reach another available quotation mark in there.

29- Get back down and jump to the bottom to continue. Proceed aq quickly as you can through the GAS.

30- You’ll face several letters indicating the word ‘RUNT’. Rearrange the letters to form the word ‘TURN’ and then turn to climb through the ladders between the hole.

31- Continue climbing up until you reach another helpful quotation mark.

32- Now continue below through the crack between the two ladders.

33- Push the rope with the other ‘D’ upon and then hang yourself on the ropes. Jump to the second ‘D’-rope to touch the letter ‘D’ from the complete word ‘DRAIN’ in the middle of the screen.

34- As the water will drain continue your way to the right.

35- This room will be some kind of a maze puzzle in where you can move through the cracks onto different areas. The red laser lights doesn’t allow letters to pass by them. A lever in the middle can turn on and off the lasers. Use the lever to gather all the appearing letters together.

36- Make sure to get the letter ‘C’ laying on the upper left and group it with the other ones in the middle of the room.

37- Get the ‘P’ and add it to the rest.

38- Form the word ‘ESCAPE’ and an elevator which will send you down will be open.

39- As soon as you get down continue on the right.

40- This chapter will be over as a part of the whole ongoing story right as after you reach your guardian.