Wordsventure Game Answers

   Wordsventure by Ivana Garsia is the ultimate word escape game that’s growing rapidly to become one of the main attractions of its genre. Wordsventure features a pretty interesting gameplay where you must guide the main character on his way to escape from an isolated island. The levels are split into days where each day features a different word which you have to reveal through the given scrambled letters. The storyline develops as you find more words while the game’s striking graphics never fail to impress. Basically you just need to solve the puzzles to complete the demanded tasks and watch the story unfold as you progress through the many levels of the game.

   Besides being funny and challenging, Wordsventure’s also very simple to be played. To form a word you just need to tap the letter once in the order that you’d like. All the levels are very unique as they’re fully handmade and nothing ever gets repeated. The funny character that you’ll get to play with, appears to be very funny and entertainingly unclear. The relaxing ambiance of the game can accompany you for hours without getting not a bit disturbed while in the end the overall experience will surely remain happy and smooth. During the journey clues and dialogues will occur which will be giving you a hint on the next word to be found. You can as well spend in-game coins on valuable hints in the word panel as you tend to find the corresponding word of a certain level. There’s a maximum of four hints to be unlocked for every word and that’s pretty much all of it.

If you still won’t be able to make it through, here is the list of the first levels of the game:

Day 2 – LOST
Day 3 – SEA
Day 4 – LONE
Day 5 – WIND
Day 6 – LAND
Day 7 – SEA
Day 8 – FACE
Day 9 – SWIM
Day 10 – STAY
Day 11 – CUT
Day 12 – WOOD
Day 13 – HARD
Day 14 – SHARP
Day 15 – LOOK
Day 16 – TREE
Day 17 – SING
Day 18 – BIG
Day 19 – HEAR
Day 20 – LOG
Day 21 – HEAT
Day 22 – RED
Day 23 – WORK
Day 24 – HAND
Day 25 – READ
Day 26 – FISH
Day 27 – WAIT
Day 28 – VIEW
Day 29 – MOON
Day 30 – POND
Day 31 – OLD
Day 32 – DEEP
Day 33 – RIDE
Day 34 – CARE
Day 35 – SHINE
Day 36 – ROD
Day 37 – BITE
Day 38 – THAT
Day 39 – FIN
Day 40 – TAKE
Day 41 – LATE
Day 42 – SELL
Day 43 – SUN
Day 44 – FLIP
Day 45 – LICK
Day 46 – SOFT
Day 47 – FULL
Day 48 – BONE
Day 49 – STUDY