Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Game Walkthrough

     Virtual Villagers Origins 2 is a unique simulation point-and-click game developed by Last Day of Work, LLC. The game takes you to the famous and mystical island of Isola– A beautiful island that was once a paradise home to a thriving civilization but now has been destroyed and is left as it is. The game will put you to discover the island and manage its resources. The story plot in Virtual Villagers Origins 2 begins with a family which has made its way to Isola while seeking for a new home. As their boat lands on the beach, they are welcomed by a strange man and they promptly begin to explore the mysterious new world. Your duty is to urbanize, heal and take care for the children and families of the village. Train the villagers in order that they become proficient at various skills to perform tasks around the island and survive in the new-found world.

    The permanent goal during the gameplay inside the island of Isola is purely to SURVIVE. The perfectly adapted storyline gives you the stance of the island’s ruler. You’ll be given the opportunity to choose 5 villagers and put them into work. Your chosen villagers will solve problems and discover new things, while everything is controlled by you. You earn daily rewards as you login every day (in the form of coins or additional in-game rewards), just to make life a bit easier on the island. The villagers are even able to get kids with one-another, even though sometimes a villager doesn’t want to have kids with a certain partner and pushes him/ her away, giving the game a real funny soap-opera flavor. This is when you’ll need to mix the villagers with each-other so they match properly. Keep in mind that for any displayed problem you must think about the solution and figure out yourself on how to survive over time.

     Virtual Villagers Origins 2 stands out as a remarkable game of its genre. The game has really good graphics like no other game has. We may say it’s a whole new experience playing this game. The storyline is really original and the game doesn’t force you to make deliberate decisions making you able to turn out the story however you like. This means no one will have an exact story and villagers placement as you. Although it could sometimes be really hard to survive on the island. I.e if you don’t login for a day or more in the game, some of your villagers will be sick and there’s a big chance that they may die. You need the villagers the most to continue playing the game, and that would be an issue regarding advancing. The longer you forget to check the game the bigger will be the damages upon your villagers as well as the time for them to recover. Sometimes may take a really long time to discover things, and that may demotivate a bit to continue playing. Although you don’t have to always be active within the game, as while the app is closed the villagers continue their lives and with their demanded routines. Bottom line, you’ll really enjoy playing the game and will definitely continue to discover all the secrets and hidden treasures on the island Isola once started. You’ll have some real island vibes during the game and that’s part of the experience that the game induces at you. Also before getting started you’ll need to know the list of items combinations with other elements. Check out the below list to lean how to combine these elements in order to get another one:

Oil = Coal + water

Stone = Lava + Water

Steam = Air + Water

Ash = Fire + Dust

Clay = Red Earth + Water

Energy = Air + Fire

Dust = Earth + Air

Bacteria = Algae + Water

Mixed Herbs = Grass+ Wheat Grass

Silk = Spiderweb + Spiderweb

Clay Brick = Clay + Fire

Metal = Stone + Fire

Dough = Flour + Water

Fertilizer = Mixed herbs + earth

Glass = Sand + Fire

Flour = Wheat + Stone

Limestone = Seashell + Stone

Cement = Stone + Clay

Ceramic = Limestone + Cement

Potion = Magic + Water

Worm = Fertilizer +Bacteria

Mini Eggs = Bacteria + Pond water

Rope = Vine + Vine

Antidote = Poison + Magic

Red Butterfly = Strawberry + worm

Blue Butterfly = Blueberry + worm

Green Butterfly = Worm + Mixed greens

Sulfur = Fertilizer + Limestone

Forge Bucket = Ceramic + Clay

Red Butterfly = Strawberry + Worm

Orange Butterfly = Orange + Worm

Blue Butterfly = Blueberry + Worm

Green Butterfly = Mixed herbs + Worm

Red Glass = Red Butterfly + Glass

Yellow Glass = Sulphur Glass

Blue Glass = Blue Butterfly + Glass

Magic concentrate = Magic + Magic

Jumping potion = Magic concentrate + Air

If you’ll need some help, check out the following video walkthroughs and gameplay for the game.

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