Adventure Escape: Haunted Hunt Chapter 8 Walkthrough

Chapter 8:

Grab the bust of Otto from the table and the diamond ring from inside the jacket pocket. Shapeshift into Euphemia and use the monocle to look around the room. Watch the ottoman as there are three numbers on it- 972. Notice also the black dot at number 7. If you tap on the suitcase to the left, the combination lock has three symbols. One of them is a black dot. So put the 7 there, then the arrows pointing up and down are telling you to go with the highest number (9) and then the lowest number (2). So you get 792. 

Get Euphemia’s diagrams and map from inside and take a quick look at the map.

     Open the door on the back and advance through. Pick up the flint as well as the coals and wood.Place the diagrams on the table. Add the coal and wood, flint, and diamond ring. As it seems, you’ll need to build a flamethrower. 

Place the wood pieces down so the colored ends match the diagram. To rotate it just tap it. The flint, coal and the ring also have to match the colors. You can copy the solution below for convenience.

     Pick up the flamethrower and use it on the tree roots to take the knife. Use the knife to cut the rope. Also, use the knife to cut the rest of the tree roots. 

Then use the flamethrower to remove some of the bricks. Tap also on the candles and use the flamethrower to light them. Also, place the bricks down. 

You’ll have to come back to this later anyhow. Leave the room. Hang the rope from the chain and tie the bust at the end of it. Swing the rope to break the chandelier with the bust. 

Pick up the crystals. Open the map and tap on Baxter to go to the seance room. Use the flamethrower on the magic box. It will need a 4-digit code. 

Open the map again and change into Euphemia to use her monocle and look at it. 

Move it around until you find four numbers — 7, 8, 4, 3. Notice also the shapes above the words ‘Seance Room’. 

The circle tells you to start with the number with a circle or dot by it. That will be 7. The triangle pointing up tells you to choose the highest remaining number, so it will be 8. And the two arrows down tell you to choose the rest of the numbers is descending order. So you get 7843. Enter 7843 to deactivate the box. 

Baxter will appear and mark up your map. Now there will be some colored lines across it, new areas you can visit, as well as a several other stuff that’s only visible through the monocle. Now use the map to go to the library. 

Use the flamethrower on the magic box. You’ll be needing a 5-digit code this turn. The blue line or laser crosses the library, so use the blue symbols to crack its code. Pay attention to the shapes above the word ‘Library’

The sheep/cow has the dot on it so that’s where you start. Count all the animal’s legs. Sheep/cow 4, spider 8, ant 6, snake 0, human 2. Use the shapes to figure out the order. Sheep is first, so 4. The highest remaining number is 8. And then the rest of the numbers in descending order would be 620. So put them together and you get: 48620. Enter 48620 into the box to deactivate it.

    Next, head to the cellar and use the flamethrower again on the box here. Look at the map through the monocle. It has a yellow laser, so focus on the yellow symbols. They’re shapes with angles. Count the angles. And again, pay attention to the shapes above the word ‘Cellar’. Start with the shape with the fewest angles. That’s the little arrow pointing upwards. It has only 1 angle. 

Next, the dot, which is the triangle with 3 angles. Then the next three are in ascending order, so 5 for pentagon, 6 for hexagon, and 8 for octagon. 

Put them together and you get 13568. Enter this number into the box and you’ll disarm it.

For the very last box head to the boudoir and use the flamethrower on the box. Look at the map. The boudoir has a white laser, so focus on the white symbols. They’re flowers and you need to count the petals. Start with the lowest number, that will be 1, then the dot is 2, then ascending order for the last three, so 3, 6, 8. Put them together and you’ll get 12368

Enter that into the magic box and you’ll disarm it.

Now go back to the Hall. You need to build a device to call all ghosts at once. Go back through the doors and tap on the table. You must put the ghosts together and make a Ghost Summoning Device. First, place the chandelier crystals on the table. Then, use the monocle to see how to place the crystals. And after put all the wood pieces in the right place. Keep in mind that the process has to be very specific.Technically you should be able to flip them around as long as the correct colors are still in the right places.But it only accepts one solution. Below is a screenshot of the solution that works:

     Pick up the ghost summoning devices from the table and see the plans of summoning the ghost into the device. You need nine candles and eight bricks. You already have both things needed. If you use the monocle, you can also notice a sort of spidery figure on the page. 

Tap on the candles and place the boxes down with the candles and bricks. You need to move the candles around in order to create the shadow you saw on the plans. Place the candles and boxes as below shown:

Now that all three ghosts have appeared it’s time to get to Otto. The goal with this puzzle is to get all of the guests out of the ballroom while keeping Otto trapped inside. Drag your four companions on the right to the ballroom to block certain paths. The guests will move when the countdown reaches 0, but you can tap on the hourglass to make them move immediately. The most important thing is to keep Otto from leaving and then you can focus on the other guests. 

The one in the corner is the most difficult because she keeps wanting to go back there. But just keep adjusting the lasers and focus on one guest at a time until they’re all gone.

You’ll have the choice to burn down the house or let it stand. Setting the fire is always way more interactive. Congratulations !!! This will be the end of the game. Hope you enjoyed it.

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