Adventure Escape Mysteries – Cursed Crown: Chapter 5 Walkthrough

In the previous chapter, princess Nimue went through a bunch of difficult challenges. Then, she had a vision of ancient magical dragons – the only non-human beings with enough magic to possibly break the curse. Let’s see if the princess will find any.

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Cursed Crown: Chapter 5

Start this chapter off by removing the rust from the brown bag. Notice the two carved bars on top of the symbols. We’re going to need those later.


Head up and use again the rust removal spell on the highlighted spot and notice the same two lines also:

Keep heading up and you’ll finally reach the top of the mountain, or should I say volcano. It looks like princess Nimue is not the first one reaching the top. There are three skeletons on the ground.

Grab the Lightning Staff, Ice War Hammer, Chisel Mold, Chain Mail and blow the dust off the object pointed by the arrow.

Next, blow the dust off at the feet of the skeleton in the middle and move the rock at the feet of the skeleton on the right side. After that, look at the coins and count them: 3 gold, 4 silver, 7 copper.  That gives you 347, remember it. Head back down and break the two lava rocks. You’ll get a Quartz Crystal. Place it at the place shown below, and fill the Chisel Mold with lava. Add Chain Mail to melt it down. You cannot pick it up yet as it is too hot.

Go down, tap on the case and insert the code 347 we discovered up there. Take the gloves and the magic book that is inside. Take a look at the magic book and notice that the coordinates are not that easy to read. So what you should do is, have a look at the coordinates with symbols in the book. Then look at the symbols on the wall and get the coordinate numbers from there. You get: (3;4), (0;4), (2;3), (0;3).

Now, you’re able to talk to the animals, so test the new skill out by talking to the butterflies.

For this next puzzle, you need the Chisel so go back up and use the gloves to take the Full Mold.  Go back down and place the mold into the water. Break it using the hammer and grab the stones + chisel+whater whip.  Now, back to the butterfly puzzle. Tap on the symbols and use the chisel. This is the path you should follow to solve it: UP – UP – LEFT – LEFT – DOWN – RIGHT – DOWN – LEFT – UP – RIGHT – LEFT – LEFT – DOWN – RIGHT – UP – LEFT – UP – LEFT – DOWN – LEFT.

The butterflies will award you with a Blue Gem.

Now take a look at the two bars again. You have one that’s filled in and one that’s not. Go up and you have another two, the same as the first ones. At the top, you have another two, but both are sticking out. Now, go to the place shown below and insert the rocks based on the bars we checked out.

Notice that skull, grab the burning hilt and the wind mace. Head up again and add the burning hilt to the golden sword. Then, take it. At this point, you got everything you need. Take a look at the skeletons and the symbols next to them. It helps you figure out which weapon to put where. If you go down and take a look at the two skulls, those guys are wind and water. By also taking into consideration the symbols of the skeletons on top, this is how you should place the weapons:

Take the Yellow Gem and solve the puzzle (orange-yellow-white-dark blue-light blue).

Now, push that big wheel down and it will break, so go back down and grab the Red Gem. Then, go back up at the top and place all three gems in the container on the left. Lastly, use the growth spell on the vines.

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