Avery Game Walkthrough

Avery – AI Mystery Game Walkthrough

     It’s very true that new technologies become popular only after you start seeing games about it. So here we are in the middle of 2018. Opportune technologies and Artificial Intelligences are spread all over the globe and they are taking their place into our society. To further elaborate the AI context in the gaming industry, it was a key part in sci-fi games for many years. Nowadays game developers are trying to apply AI into the main storyline of the game and Avery is a leading game model into this approach.

          Avery is an innovative and interactive online game leveraging Artificial Intelligence, thanks to the technology of IBM Cloud and Watson. Avery presents a mystery of an Artificial Intelligence in love. An artificial intelligence which falls in love with a human but will eventually lose its memory and will have to try to reconstruct what happened in order to understand why his human has disappeared. The story may seem a bit odd and compelling but the game experience remains excited and way too inclusive. The relationship between man and artificial intelligence is often described in potentially conflicting terms but in Avery happens completely the opposite of this. The interaction takes the form of a chatbot discussion, with some media sharing added. Things have gone very wrong for the in-game AI, leaving it in a state of confusion, as much as she’ll have to go offline and message you later, creating a real movable feeling to it.

     For those who love gaming, it’s time to begin the challenge and test yourself. Avery‘s reaction is dynamic and will respond according to the input data during the game. Chat with Avery and help her collect together lost memories to discover what happened to her. Rely on the following walkthough video to get the right answers whenever you get stuck:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

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