Axe Climber Game Walkthrough

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       Axe Climber is a nicely created arcade game developed and published by Green Panda Games. Axe Climber is an endless climbing game where you must climb up the mountain using only just a pickaxe, while collecting gems and competing against other players around the world. In Axe Climber you stand up against many types of obstacles, and you can also collect a wide range of bonuses as well. The gameplay is pretty simple to be described and very difficulty to actually get done. You have to land on the normal surfaces, avoid the spiked surfaces, and stay away from animals, volcanoes and other things that can immediately kill you. As you get farther into the level the rock and spike surfaces will start popping up next to each other and you’ll have to start planning your steps in advance in order to make sure that you won’t die. Use your pickaxe to hit things for bonuses and for climbing. If you hit an eagle with it, or another animal with it, the eagle or the other animal will fly away. If you see a gem buried in the ground, you’ll collect the gem by just hitting it. If you hit the spikes, your axe will dig in normally. In the cases you hit a patch of white snow, you’ll have only a second or two before the snow avalanches away.

     This peculiarly great game will attract the most of you, especially if you like climbing and hiking mountains. You’ll just won’t stop playing it whenever you’ll have spare time. The simple and addictive gameplay becomes an amazing attraction that will ingratiate you more and more. Get ready to face the toughest mountains full of spikes, volcanoes and eagles! Only 2% of players can reach the last level, according the developers. Being easy to learn but hard to master, Axe Climber remains too addicting. If you get stuck in the game watch the following video walkthrough and gameplay for the game:

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