Blackbox/ Think outside the box – Game Walkthrough (Levels 1-40)

      Blackbox is a creative and clever puzzle game where you must solve puzzles using your iPhone‘s hardware physics. There are no finger swipes. You only have to understand your hardware and use it to find the solutions through creative adjusting. Blackbox is a new kind of puzzle game that makes you think of creative new ways to solve puzzles without ever touching the screen.

      Blackbox is a puzzle game that is unlike anything you’ve ever played before. So you most likely have to take what you know about puzzle games so far and throw it out the window, because none of that will help you with this unique twist to the genre. Visually speaking, Blackbox is very simple and accurate. It goes well along with the clean and flat aesthetic of modern days iOS devices, and the fans of minimal design will fall in love immediately. Blackbox, as the name suggests, features a crisp, black background that fills the entire screen, accompanied with neon lines, shapes, and dots contrast nicely against the darkness. The animations are fluid and smooth, making an entertaining playing experience.
       Blackbox has over 50+ discrete puzzles for players to solve. They are not split up into various chapters like other games. Instead, they are color-coded, and you unlock more available puzzles as you pass the first ones. All the puzzles utilize some aspect of your iPhone’s hardware, so you’ll have to really understand how your device works in order to solve effectively the puzzles. The controls are special, because you will never use the screen to solve anything. You can tap on the screen to pause and return to the level select screen, or perform a 3D Touch on a compatible device to quickly go back home. But for actually solving the puzzles, you will have to figure out what the puzzle is asking you to do, and make use of your iPhone’s components to solve it. You’ll have to use the device’s gyroscope sensors as well as the accelerometer to get various colors and you’ll also may use the mirror to reverse what is on the screen, even you’ll may have to adjust your device’s brightness to complete certain levels.

      Be prepared as the game certainly has a new perspective on puzzles. Some of the puzzles can be rather extremely annoying at first, so you’ll may have to return at a later time to solve if you can’t figure it out immediately. The game also has some hints that you can use, though they should be kept as a last resort when you just can’t seem to figure out what to do. Blackbox is a challenging puzzle game that requires brainpower, time, patience, and perspective to solve.

     Here you’ll find the answers, hints, and necessary walkthrough advises to pass the levels of this game conveniently.

FYI: Some levels are time-related and they can be cheated by changing the time and date on your device. If you see a solution below that demands you to check a level at a certain time or date, it’s up to you to decide if you want to wait for that time or change the date on your device.

Blackbox Level 1-6/ Six Red Boxes Solutions:

1-4: Rotate your device certain times to light up each of the four boxes. You must line up the red liquid with the appearing lines.

5: Place the device on a flat surface to align the two circles and light up the box.

6: Same as Level 5, but place the screen down instead.

Blackbox Level 7-8/ Two Yellow Boxes Solutions:

7: Turn the screen brightness to the lowest.

8: Turn the screen brightness to the brightest.

Blackbox Level 9-12/ Four Orange Boxes Solutions:

9: Mute the device to fulfil the first top left box. You may also need to use the sleep button if you have a newer phone.
10: Turn the volume to the maximum for the bottom right box.
11: Turn the volume to the minimum for the bottom right box.

12: Plug headphones into the headphones jack for the bottom left box. If you have a newer phone with no headphone jack, use the lightning adapter or wireless headphones.

Blackbox Level 13/ Light Teal Blue Box Solution:

13: Turn on Airplane mode and switch off WiFi to light up the box.

Blackbox Level 14/ Light Purple Box Solution:

14: Take a screenshot and the box will light up.

Blackbox Level 15-16/ Two Green Boxes Solutions:

15-16: Open the box at least once every hour of the day to complete all the sections (12). Each green box represents 12 hours. You don’t have to select which green box to open. Once you’ve lighted the first box, the second green box will light up as well.

Blackbox Level 17-19/ Three Light Green Boxes Solutions:

17: The top box will light up as soon as your device’s battery is at 100%.

18: The middle box will light up promptly whenever you plug your device to a charger.

19: The bottom box will light up whenever you’ll receive a notification of low battery (usually at 20%).

Blackbox Level 20-22/ Three Light Blue Boxes Solutions:

20: The top box lights up when there’ll be a total silence in the surrounding environment. We suggest to complete this one in an inherently quiet room.

21-22: For these two you must make a lot of noise. The middle and bottom boxes will light up as soon as you start  creating loud sounds. You may as well tap the device on a mattress and the level will be completed.

Blackbox Level 23/ Orange Box Solution:

23: Place your finger over the device’s camera letting the screen turn off for 10-20 seconds then move your finger away. This will make the box light up.

Blackbox Level 24-25/ Two Pink Boxes Solutions:

24-25: These levels are based on the moon phase. It will automatically light up one box during full moon and the other during new moon. You may as well adjust the date on your device to light up these 2 boxes immediately. The date change won’t work if you change the device’s date on the main game screen, so make sure to have changed it before you enter in the game.

Blackbox Level 26/ Purple box Solution:

26: Just say “Blackbox” or “Hey Blackbox” into your device’s microphone. If a known bug stops it from being solved, minimize the game for a bit then go back to this level and fulfill it.

Blackbox Level 27/ Enclosed Blue Box Solution:

27: Shake your device until the “Undo” pop-up shows up. Select to undo the text and the box will light.

Blackbox Level 28-30/ Three Pink Boxes Solutions:

28-30: These levels light up according the Sun. The first box represents time of sunrise, the second is solar noon, and the the third box is for sunset (i.e. 5:55 am; 12:15 pm and 6:25 am). Get the exact time under your location, and you can change the time in device settings, or you can either just wait for the time to come itself.

Blackbox Level 31-34/ Four Blue Boxes Solutions:

31: Walk or drive 1 km in order to light up the bottom box.

32: Walk or drive 10 km to light up the second box.

33: Walk/ drive 100 km to light up the third box.

34: Walk/ drive 1000 km to light up the fourth box.

P.s Seriously talking!

Blackbox Level 35/ Red Box Solution:

35: Place your device on a flat level surface in order that the red dot will stay in the center long enough to fill up the whole screen.

Blackbox Level 36-37/ Two Light Orange Boxes Solutions:

36: Shine a bright light to your device’s back camera.

37: Shine a bright light to your device’s front camera.

Blackbox Level 38/ Pink Box Solution:

38: This level should utilize your device’s Touch ID. Use a wrong finger on the Touch ID for three times so that each time it says “Try Again”. If you don’t have the Touch ID enabled, just use any finger you like.

Blackbox Level 39/ Enclosed Light Green Box Solution:

39: Go to your device’s settings and look for Blackbox’s settings. Scroll to the bottom and toggle the little blackbox on. Get back into the game and look for the next box. Now, go back into your device’s settings and toggle the little blackbox back off. When you’ll get back into the game the just appeared box will be lighted.


Blackbox Level 40/ Enclosed Light Blue Box Solution:

40: When reaching this level, you’ll notice at first that the box was once lit and then turned off. To light it up, go to your device’s Settings-General-Date & Time, and turn off the “Set Automatically” feature. Change the time to one minute earlier and get back into the game where the box should now be lighted up.


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