Blame Him Horror Game- Chapter 2 Walkthrough

Hello and welcome to Chapter 2 of Blame Him Horror Game Walkthrough. In the first chapter, we managed to escape from the scary woman and then had a quick nap. Now, we’ve just woken up from a weird dream and we’re ready to continue our scary adventure. Let’s see what happens in this chapter.

Blame Him – Chapter 2

Go downstairs and open up the door. Do you hear the water noises? Go to where they come from and notice the broken pipes and lots of water coming out of them. That must be stopped.

So, explore around until you see some boxes. Follow them and make your way down to the basement. Try to find three valve wheels because you need those to make the water stop flowing from the broken pipes. Once you find the valve wheels, use them on three pipes inside the basement, then rotate the wheels to stop the water.

Now, go to the broken pipes. There’s no more water around. Go ahead until you find a carriage. At this point, your objective is: “Find valve for the carriage truck”. There’s once place we haven’t visited yet and that’s the dark corridor. Go back because that’s where we’ll check for it. Follow the blood until you come across the letter that says:

One of my paintings got taken away again… It was my favorite one. I don’t need books or desks. Is it wrong to chase my dreams?

There’s a cabinet with a combination lock in the same room.

You need 5 digits to unlock it. Go out and enter another room with two sofas in it. Find the pull cord shown in the picture below:

Next, find another room with another letter that says:

I found a black paper under this bed. I wonder what it is?

Pick up the black paper under the bed and go out to find another room with another note in it:

At least I have my sisters! They make me feel less lonely and less hurt about what Ma and Pa are doing to me!

Then once again, find another room with this letter in it:

Grandpa caught me crying yesterday and gave me a pat on the head. This morning, he secretly gave me a new set of brushes and a new canvas. I love grandpa. Too bad he’s gone now. I miss him very much. The ticking of the big clock always remind me of him. Too bad the clock’s broken too…

That’s telling you to fix the clock. It seems like we have a few things to work on now, but first make your way up to a room with a light switch. Click on that light switch to turn on the purple lights of the room next door. These lights are purple for a reason. Put the black paper on the desk, point the flashlight to it and notice the 4-digit code.

It says 4937. You need one more digit to get the passcode for the locker.

Go to the dining room that is full of chairs, tables, and candles. There’s a cage with the valve wheel you were looking for. You can’t open it yet because it’s locked.

Furthermore, head upstairs and explore around until you find a door with red words written on it:


It’s saying that you can open that door after you’ve taken care of the clock and painting. Instead, enter the toilet right next to it and you’ll get another objective: “The toilet upstairs is broken. Find the missing part.”. Use the pull cord on the toilet to fix it and grab the pliers. Tip: Don’t do this with bare hands in real life. Next, use the pliers to open up the door in the picture below: 

Inside this room, you can find a small thing to fix the clock. At this point, you’ll realize that you’re not alone in the room, but it’s okay. Go to the clock and use that small thing on it to fix it.

Now that the clock is fixed, you need to find the painting, so go to the locker we found previously and insert the numbers we got: 4937. Then, guess the missing number. Open it up, but notice that the painting is not inside. Actually, the painting is right under the sofa so make sure you get it there. Head back to the painting room and put it on the easel.

Go back up to that mysterious door and notice that it is now opened, or better said..destroyed. There’s a key inside. Head to the cage in the dining room and use this key to unlock it and to get the valve wheel. And you’re done here. You have the valve wheel so go to the carriage truck to place it there.

Next, move the carriage next to the containers and climb up to reach upstairs. Then, find the way out of there. He’ll again sleep and have a vision.

Once you get back to reality explore the forest until you find the door shown below:

Head in and find the letter that says:

I met this guy. He sounds like my old dad. Which is nice. I did love dad. Not anymore.

Go to the other room and destroy the boxes. One of them contains a crowbar which you should grab and use to open the door. It’s a little hard to open it, so use force. Head inside and read the next note:

The guy gave me something to help me sleep. Now, I can’t sleep. I didn’t want to wind up in this mess.

Continue sneaking through the rooms up to the point where you see this pretty boy:

It’s a good idea to go back and get inside the vent. Once the guy is gone, start finding the switches and click on them.

Did you see the red elevator? That’s why you need to pull the 3 levers, to make the elevator work. You know you’re in the right place when you see a vent in the room. Take into consideration that he goes around pulling the levers up again. So you need to close the doors and put something heavy behind them before pulling down the levers. Then, run immediately to the main switch to pull it down.

The elevator is probably powered up by now, so go there and open it. It’s not an elevator, just a passage. Escape and place a heavy object(if there is any) after each door to prevent the scary guy from chasing you. At some point, you’ll see the real elevator. Taking it makes the ending for chapter 2.

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