Bouncing Pixel Game Walkthrough

       Bouncing Pixel is the latest challenging platform game developed and released by Oliver Kjellen. This peculiar puzzle has you bouncing the tiny little pixelated ball into its shown gate in each of the 60 levels of the game. 60 unique and challenging levels are spread among 7 different themes. The controls are simpler than imagined. You just tap on screen to bounce accordingly left and right.

      This game is all about fluency and concise movements. Move your pixel-character ball while avoiding being killed. Complete the challenging platforming and puzzle challenges as you play through the different worlds in one of the most interesting and cool arcade based puzzle games to ever hit the virtual gaming stores. Control your jockey and earn points while being aware of the spikes, obstacles and moving pitfalls. Chase your previous high scores and enjoy the fun.

      Bouncing Pixel is just fantastic. The game includes a simple but effective art, clear and colorful graphics as well as a pretty great music with an awesome 8-bit soundtrack. The gameplay is accurately focused on a core set of mechanics that really work very well on mobile devices. The clever level design and quirky surprises mix a bit things up, but nonetheless this is what mobile games can and should be. Enjoy Bouncing Pixel! – The game where the controls are smooth and simple, the music is great, and the levels are challenging while certainly rewarding. Check out the below video walkthrough to solve the game’s first 40 levels:

Levels 1-10

Levels 11-20

Levels 21-30

Levels 31-40

Download and enjoy Bouncing Pixel now: