Buddy Toss Game Walkthrough

#24 in Action


    Buddy Toss is a super funny target-based game in where you have to tap in order to toss somebody into the air and tap on it again before he falls to the ground. The game will make you laugh every time you’ll get to play with. Throwing people through the air is most usually limited to children a a few inches from the arms of their parents, but not so in Buddy Toss. The super exciting app game is developed and released by G vector and there are three different game modes in overall: Wind, TNT and Buddy Pong. In the game you can earn credits, win prizes and customize your buddy as you like. As for the gameplay you just need to touch on the screen at the right time in order to send your friend higher and higher, while some additional factors such as your strength and size will eventually come into play.

   The mechanics of the game, doesn’t require much awareness as you only have to touch on the screen. With the first touch, your friend will stars flying, while not forgetting that everything that goes up has to come back down. It’s precisely at that moment when you must touch strategically to re-launch even more higher without reaching the ground as the round would be promptly over. The real difficulty lies in the fact that the movement will become faster and zooming in and zooming out will also be included. The higher your buddy arrives, the more stars you’ll get to win, and the more stars you win, the more you’ll be able to improve your skills. They are specifically two main to-be updated skills: strength and size. Strength is something like the energy of the character, and is spent with successive releases, so you need to increase it sooner or later to continue breaking records. With a total of more than 50 characters and more than 30 winnable accessories Buddy Toss will never stop impressing and entertaining you. The game is suitable for all age and completely free to get and play. Here’s our video guide walkthrough: