Crossgrams Game Walkthrough

     Crossgrams is a new kind of word puzzle which is much more than just a puzzle game that uses words. Unlike the traditional crosswords, in Crossgrams you are given an already filled board where the words aren’t actually in their correct order. You have to arrange the words properly by sliding them horizontally and not vertically while your goal is to create the genuine word in every position on the displayed word. Crossgrams it’s simple, challenging and well-deservingly much addictive. Unscramble each puzzle by dragging the letters letters left and right while being aware that the game it’s not as easy as it may sound. The puzzles range from the simplest to the most difficult crosswords that you may have ever encountered. The game is offered for free and contains no ads at all. Yes indeed no ADS! The only in-app purchases available are the ones which will unlock larger packs of puzzles. But even without acquiring further puzzles, Crossgrams gives you a free pack of 16 starter levels as well as a pack of 8 larger and more difficult puzzles. There is also a Daily puzzle available to anyone completely for free. Give it a try yourself and in case you get stuck in the first free levels of the game rely on the following video walkthrough with the correct solutions:

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