Crossy Road Game Walkthrough

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    Crossy RoadEndless Arcade Hopper is a simple arcade game developed by HIPSTER WHALE in which you help a chicken or other characters to cross the road, over and over again. Crossy Road is a funny and enticing arcade game. The old-school style is attractive, and it delivers a hit balance between simplicity and challenge, which makes it addicting while never too frustrating. In Crossy Road it’s basically the same challenge over and over again, with the only variation in the characters, which will be costing money or time playing.

   Within the game characters can be smashed by cars, drowned in water, and even attacked by eagles, and it’s all done in a very cartooned way, without blood and bad impressions. Though this is a free game, there are nearly 90 characters to buy (all of whom play the same), and though you can get some of them as gifts, you usually have to buy them using real money or in-game currency you get by picking up coins, getting money as gifts for playing, or watching optional in-game advertisements. The scoring is simply related on how far you get, and you have only ONE life.

   The controls work truly great on this app. Tapping makes you go forward, while swiping is used to go in any of the four cardinal directions. This means that going promptly horizontally requires some quick swipes, which isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but it may also a good reminder that it’s maybe not the best idea to be running horizontally, given that when hitted by a train, car or whatever, you really feel the impact and the round will be over.

     Crossy Road is a free-to-play simple game, with simple controls, and nice retro-looking visuals that will surely remain installed in your device for a long time. A game that will test your patience, reflexes and antagonism. Crossy Road is a highly rewarding and addictive game that manages to provide a wonderful experience without requiring too much effort. It’s nice, and filled with replayability which you’ll enjoy for sure. You can rely on the following video walkthrough and gameplay for the game:

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