Darkness Rises Game Walkthrough

#9 in Role Playing

     Darkness Rises is an epic RPG developed by Nexon. The Darkness Rises app game looks just impressive. It may be one of the finest visual achievements we’ve seen on the mobile app stores for a long while. Darkness Rises gameplay is pretty common and as soon as the first motions in the game start everything just stays breathtaking. Foremost, the game has an inherently right balance of action violence. The game puts you wandering through a dark fantasy world killing everything that moves. The app portrays gorgeous graphics, innovative gameplay, and intensely fought boss battles.

    Darkness Rises is a truly revolutionary Action RPG that can enchant every action gamer fanatic out there. As the darkness crawls throughout the in-game imaginary world hundreds of evil demonic creatures are getting ready to break the gates of your civility. Destroy the fearsome monsters with your powerful skills or unleash them in the arena against other players using the Soul Link ability to conquer control over the monsters and turn them against themselves. Invade the darkness before it conquers you. Engage in challenging boss battles that will put your skills in test. Gather your allies in order to explore mysterious dungeons of the darkness. There are a variety of challenges, but for the most part it’s only the win conditions and allies that change. Your focus is still on the killings. You unleash your simple attack combos by holding down a big button in the bottom right of the screen. The main gripe you have is about the menus and currencies and upgrade trees. There’s a lot going on here behind the scenes, and if you want to succeed you’ll need to understand it better than just the combo hits.

    The controls are very basic and simple. There are a number of other buttons representing your skills. You’ve got a dodge button too, and occasionally skull buttons show up too. These buttons will let you deploy one-hit kills with some pretty bloody animations. The controls actually work just fine, but anyhow this is less a game about precision and more a game about making sure your stats are high enough before you go into a fight, so the level of the game’s difficultness is not directly related with the controls. You control the numbers with a variety of menus. You’ll be able to adjust your gear, stats, skills, and more. You’re going to be more than strong enough to take everything that the game throws at you. But the game gets much tougher the deeper you get in. Enemies will crush you, and it’s then you’ll discover that the controls don’t offer much when you need to be precise.You may feel like an unstoppable superhero at the start, but when things get tougher you’ll feel a bit underpowered.

      Bottom line, Darkness Rises is super impressive. The sense of impact is fantastic. The graphics are stunning and everything is on-point. Enjoy Darkness Rises, one of the most action-packed RPG’s you’ll ever be able to play. There are barely better games in this category. Download the game by clicking on the below icons and if you’ll face any difficulties during the gameplay or you even get stuck, check out the following video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.