Dissembler Game Walkthrough

    Dissembler is the kind of classy, minimalist puzzler with an elegant appearance and simple gameplay mechanics. At the heart of the game is a familiar match-three premise where you just have to click together three or more tiles of a certain color in order to make them vanish. In order to do so you must swap two related tiles at a time, but you can only swap if it results in at least one match. Dissembler can be a very demanding and even frustrating experience. While the solution to some stages comes together very quickly and neatly, other stages will awkwardly remove a single colored tile from a disengaged pile. You must steadily drag it across to its colour-related tiles, while cleaving to the rule of forming a match with every move. It’s all about a challenging puzzler with a concise and clever tile-swapping mechanics.

    Dissembler expects you to be smart, but it doesn’t demand you to be a perfectionist as the game doesn’t feature a scoring system. The levels are carefully designed and there is often just a single way to complete each stage, which makes each level require special treatment and distinguishable. Anyhow, with a little anticipation you’ll find a solution, and the video walkthrough below will certainly make things easier for you.

    Dissembler is an inventive, compelling puzzle game that’s worthy of your attention- One of those puzzle games that just feels good to play around with. Sit down and enjoy our video walkthrough guide.

Level 1-10:

Levels 11-20:

Levels 21-30:

Levels 31-40:

Levels 41-50:

Levels 51-60:

Levels 61-70:

Levels 71-80:

Levels 81-90:

Levels 91-99:

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