DROLF Game Walkthrough

#6 in Sports

      DROLF is a unique golf puzzle game developed by Jon Reid. DROLF presents a simple gameplay premise; Just get the ball in the hole. There won’t be always a clear path though, so you’ll have to get creative and draw your own walls and figure out how to get the ball into the unreachable hole. You must also be very careful not to waste the whole amount of ink used to draw the lines that will accompany the ball into the hole.

     The app is released on July 18’ and ever since has been classified as very highly rated and ranked respectively as #23 in free games category for iPhone. The developer literally has managed nailing the entire concept of the game. It takes a well-thought strategy to get the ball into the hole. DROLF proudly stands out as a highly recommended app game to anyone who likes a nice puzzle experience.

     A golf puzzle game, with a simple task – get the ball in the hole. Draw your own walls and figure out the fastest way to get the ball into the indicated hole. There are a total of 81 levels to solve with 9 level themes. Demonstrate your imagination, logic and drawing efficiently abilities. Draw walls of various lengths and forms on the screen and hit the golf ball to watch it bouncing walls and approaching the target. Think over your moves and don’t draw useless walls since the ink supply on each level is limited.

     Drolf: Draw golf  is very popular and thousands of gamers around the world are glad to get it for free. The game has nice graphics and sounds. The realistic physics keep the gameplay inherent while the app also supports Apple Pencil for all the iOS users. Relax and enjoy this fantastic puzzle and its original gameplay! If you get stuck in the game rely on the following complete video walkthrough of the game:

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