Fill one-line puzzle game walkthrough

#6 in Trivia

     Fill one-line puzzle game is a popular puzzle game developed by MagicAnt LLC. The game presents pretty simple rules that doesn’t require much to understand nor to fit. All you need to to do is to fill all the shown blocks at each stage by swiping your finger and passing over all the blocks by using only one line. This great app recalls the mathematical problems of the 18th century and puts it all in an exciting, nicely-created, 21st century app. Another virtue of this gaming genre is the increase of work efficiency and prevention of aging, as it keeps your brain fresh and firm. Whether math is your strength or weakness, you need to make sure you’ve tried this game at least once. Your brain will become more active the more you play.

     Fill one-line puzzle game features a total of 2,000 levels dissolved in 4 levels of difficulty. The puzzles get harder as you go further. You’ll be able as well to use the given hints for the hard to solve puzzles as the hints are free and limited. Some of the levels may seem quite hard at first, while others will be much easier. The worst most destructive aspect of this app are the ads. When you first start playing this game the ads won’t annoy you much but as you go up in levels you’ll see more and more of them coming out from nowhere. At a certain point you’ll feel almost obligated to remove the ads for the price of 2.99$ in order to get rid of them and continue your puzzling adventure undisturbed.

    In Fill one-line puzzle game you’ll sharpen your mind with the connect-the-block-style puzzle game. A simple but addictive one-line puzzle game that’s completely free to play. If you get stuck in the game watch the following video walkthrough for all the levels of the game:

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