Golf Club: Wasteland Gameplay and Walkthrough

    Golf Club: Wasteland by Demagog Studio is a rampant, funny golf game experience situated in a post-apocalyptic word environment on Mars. If you’re passionate about the actual current affairs and appreciate the great game designs this game is made just for you. Each level has implemented current social events, uniquely designed standing and non-standing monuments as well as alternative pathways and many unexpected illustrations. The character in the game, dressed as an astronaut, also listens a custom made radio from Mars, called Radio Nostalgia. This unique concept of audibles adds an extra perennial feeling into the game. This award-winning game is an atmospheric visual narrative with walking, jet-pack flying, and golfing in a magnifically created post-apocalyptic landscape.

    The storyline with this pne is quite particular. After the Great Ecological catastrophe the rich people have moved to live in Tesla City on Mars. The rest of humanity has been distinguished. Now, citizens of Mars take flights to Earth and play golf in the ruins of the past civilization. However, one of the Mars mission pilots cannot fit in the new Martian society. The homesick pilot uses his connections at Golf Club: Wasteland for one last solo trip to Earth.

 It’ll be your duty to fill the golf holes and advance through the levels of the game. Rely on the following video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.