Grab Lab Game Walkthrough

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     Grab Lab is a funny puzzle platforming game developed by Digital Melody Games.  In Grab Lab you must use your extended arm in order to avoid obstacles and traps. You can walk on walls and grab the ceilings to deviate from the deadly traps of the many levels. Grab Lab is indeed simple enough for all ages to enjoy, but some levels get tougher through. The most important rule which should always be considered in Grab Lab is the direction of switching. Every time you stretch your arm to pass into the opposite platform, your hero will begin to walk into that direction from where you were initially. While the process obviously seems like a hardship for kids, you might end up walking deliberately into a risky trap. The key to succeed is by always looking before you grab. Pay attention to your landing zone and be careful of the obstacles in your way.

     When being in the game you’ll be able to use the collectibles you have accumulated up so far in the hero mixer machine. If you do not know which heroes to combine, simply take a look at the recipe list. Several compatible heroes will be highlighted, while other discordant ones will be discredited. However, there is no difference between the heroes and their grabbing, climbing abilities. Creating new heroes is simply just for fun and if you want to play in style. Golden bolts are also a big aspect. They will be tucked away in certain levels and you won’t need to collect them all to pass a level, but you do need them in order to unlock new worlds. If you reach the end of your current world and you don’t have enough golden bolts, you will need to go back and find them. To make it easier we suggest that you try to grab them on your first run through a level.

      The game will even introduce new hazards that require you to move across them at the right time. Since you cannot really control how fast you move across, you’ll need to stall. This is done by repeatedly grappling in the same place, to basically go back and forth on the same platform. This essentially will keep you in place while making sure that you have enough time to cross whatever trap in one piece.

       Grab Lab is a crazy mix of puzzle and arcade game. You use only one finger, to tap and fly over. Complete all unique levels, from simple to extremely advanced and demanding. The game features over 100 levels. There are 7 different worlds with unique obstacles, and over 30 heroes to be unlocked.  It’s a formidable puzzle game that requires speed and perfect timing. If you get stuck in the game, check out the following video walkthroughs for the game:

Levels 1-10

Levels 11-15

Levels 16-25

Levels 31-45

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