Homo Machina Game Walkthrough

      Homo Machina is a 2D exploration mobile puzzle game inspired by the work of the open minded scientist Fritz Kahn and his medical illustrations. The journey crosses through the human body which has become a gigantic automated factory, filled with workers in control of every function of the human anatomy. The game makes it possible to operate the main functions of the human body with a simple gameplay. Set off on a crazy journey to solve the surreal puzzles of Homo Machina and learn about the internal working of the human body, reflected as a gigantic 1920’s factory.

     Homo Machina is a narrative puzzle with the aim to help the body function correctly in about thirty steps or so throughout an entire day. Players are in charge of the system of nerves, vessels and valves. Each scene displays daily acts, such as opening your eyes, chewing a toast or listening to music, through seamless navigation and intuitive gameplay. By adapting the work of Dr. Kahn into a video game, the developers wanted to share his vision that science can be fun and at the same time raise awareness about his iconic work.

       The adventure begins in the mind of a young man hoping to make a love connection later that day. A white-haired executive gives instructions from the uppermost portion of the brain, alerting the nervous system and senses the time to get the day going has come. One of the first tasks of the day will be opening the eyes. Players must tap, slide or otherwise manipulate sections of the game screen in order to open the eye and allow the light to come in. The eye becomes a camera which records visual information. Anyways, opening the eyes will only be the beginning. You’ll be further tasked to identify a particular smell, consume breakfast and head to work.

       Several of the puzzles may leave you scratching your head, the workday is easily the longest and most stressful part of the entire game, which is exactly what the creators intended. But, at the bottom line, if you are a fan of adventure puzzles, we highly recommend you give Homo Machina a try. It is a beautiful experience and all ages of players can enjoy it. The game is available now for $2.99 on both the Google Play and AppStore.

Tips & Tricks:


  • Experiment! There is no guidance in Homo Machina. If tapping doesn’t work, try dragging or holding your finger on the screen. Often, for example, tapping on the faucet  won’t be enough and you’ll need to hold the finger on it to keep the water running.
  • With the central nervous system, take your time and locate each of the buttons for the body parts before you start pressing. There’s no time limit for how long you can think, but once you start pressing buttons on the sequence, the clock starts running.
  • Saved points aren’t really noted and it’s hard to tell when the game is saving. If you don’t want to have to redo parts you already played, we suggest playing through a chapter at a time. There are three chapters, and it’s not a very long game, but without knowing which puzzles are ok to stop after, it can get a little frustrating.
  • There will be several reflex-based and time-based puzzles, but the game is overall very benignant. Don’t worry much if you mess it up.

Here you can find a complete guide walkthrough video of all the three chapters. Enjoy! :