Horror House Escape Part 2 Game Walkthrough

23- After getting back to the main corridor tap over the magic box next to the door on the right.

24- Press the code according to the letter you found on the hole inside the wall on the previous room. You must press the numbers according the number of circles that every number on the script presents. The numbers must be pressed as the image below indicates:

25- Take the box of matches.

26- Go upstairs through the stairs.

27- Tap on the box on the left.

28- Adjust the circles so that the numbers come multiplied three times each. As the image below displays:

29- Enter the first room on the right.

30- Tap on the closet on the right and use the key you found on the raincoat to open it.

31- Get the letter hint inside.

32- Adjust the dolls as the letter indicates and a code QQQ will be spotted on the floor.

33- Go to the other part of the room and tap upon the painting with the letters above the desk.

34- Press QQQ three times and an hidden cabinet will be revealed.

35- Use the hammer to break the bricks.

36- The crack on the wall will take you to another horrifying room.

37- Tap the piano on the other side of the room, on the right of the bloody bed.

38- Press the piano keys from the lighter fingerprints to darker.

39- After the skeleton falls from the closet go to the bed and use the key you already had to open the locked closet on the left of the bed.

40- Get the piece of device and then add the box of matches into it.

41- Adjust the matches as the picture below indicates to get the key that the device is holding.

42- Get back to the upstairs corridor and open the only door on the left.

43- Get the wires from the bottom closet and the glue tape from the upper shelf.

44- Go to the other part of the kitchen, where the dining table is located, and get the lever under the pile of clothes.

45- Get back to the upper corridor and continue towards the curtain on the middle.

46- Compound the lever with the fork in order to become able to open the curtain where a skeleton is hanging.

47- Use the wires to cut the skeleton’s rope.

48- Before advancing upstairs through the stairs get back down to the room where the skeleton was laying in the bed to get the amulet with the tooth on the cabinet in the middle of the room, it will be useful right after. Now go back upstairs.

49- You’ll notice a barking dog as you enter. Compound the amulet with the tooth with the stick you already had and use it to lock the dog inside his hut on the right.

50- Tap upon the pile of newspapers on the left shelf where you’ll notice the number ‘1972’. And then get the metal lever on the second shelf which you’ll use to press the buttons at the panel you can’t reach.

51- Now tap on the panel on the right behind the railing using the metal lever to press the numbers 1972 in order to open the gate.

52- Get the grippers, the dragline and the wrench from the desk on the right.

53- Tap on the locked manhole on the left where you’ll reveal a locking system which you need to re-activate by using the tools you just picked. Set the numbers 639 by using grippers.

54- You’ll enter into the secret room where the pizza guy is is being held hostage. Firstly get the key from inside the sink by moving the taps.

55- Free the pizza delivery man and take the letter that he’ll give you with certain numbers.

56- Tap the phone on the bottom left. Dial 1586 and the final door will open.

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