Hostil Game Full Walkthrough

       Hostil is a short point-and-click adventure game compatible with PC, Android and iPad. Hostil has a lovely artwork and the game won’t take too long to finish. This science fiction game is about an astronaut crash-landed on an unpopulated planet while he has to regain consciousness and get out in order from this strange place. The game is focused more on surviving the planet’s variety of deadly traps and environments than storytelling or puzzle solving. In this case surviving means avoiding. The only way to know where not to click is by simply checking out everything. When your character gets killed for any causes, the game resets the current screen and adds a skull icon over any of the deadly spots discovered already. Also, you won’t be allowed to move on to the next screen unless all possible essential to progression pathways have been explored. Someway, lasting to the end means exhausting all the possible ways to die. Also an optional new game mode removes all player deaths and focuses just on experiencing the story and solving the puzzles. Whenever the game refuses to progress just click over and over until you’ll have a new feedback.

     Although the game may be a bit too short (one hour) while also being very often forced to click on everything in order to continue feels limitative and annoying, the alien landscape is expressed colorfully and dynamically. Hostil by Eteru Studio is an emotional and captivating mysterious story suitable for all ages that will please and meet your sci-fi fantasies. The mysterious story that must be uncovered little by little has also a few trickier spots, so we’re going to try to help you with our following complete walkthrough video guide. Sit and enjoy!

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