Kubrix Puzzle Game Walkthrough

Kubrix is a fancy game created by Kenny Sun with a very good rating on the App Store. It’s a game that contains all the good qualities of an American hero called Stanley Kubrix. So in order to understand the game, you need to know a little bit about Stanley Kubrix.

Stanley Kubrix was a bricklayer and engineer. He is sometimes considered as one of the greatest workers in construction history. His work was high quality and his bricks are noted for their durability, density, and lifespan. Kenny Sun tried to bring the knowledge and experience of this American figure into the game.

Kubrix – The puzzle game

The goal of the game is pretty simple; there is a path to complete. In order to complete this path, you need to rotate bricks. That’s it! It looks very stylish thanks to its colors and design. Sometimes it can get very confusing but do not worry, Kubrix also offers hints that you need to use wisely. You can get more hints by watching ads.

It seems like the number of levels is not defined, so maybe each level is generated procedurally. If you cannot stand adds, you can remove them with an in-app purchase of Rs 159.

A very nice part of the game is its quotes. It contains over 400 inspirational quotes you may find as interesting as we do.

If you need help with the solutions, here’s a video that provides the solutions to the first 50 levels.