Lemmings – World 36 Walkthrough

Lemmings is a wonderful game considered by many as one of the most satisfying strategy games out there. It’s filled with these little fragile beings called Lemmings. They can’t do much by themselves as they are like little kids who want to explore around without knowing the risks. The lemmings are very cute and their voices are also. Your goal as a player is to save these cute little creatures by preventing them from falling for traps and other hazards. The levels are full of risks and you have to make sure that every lemming safely reaches the green portal.

The game is simple with one-touch controls meaning you can save your little boys at any time and anywhere. There are thousands of levels, each filled with different kind of traps. There are also different worlds you can travel to and have a party with your lemmings. By playing the game you’ll also collect different tribes of lemmings and that means; more cute creatures are yet to be discovered. The background music is also fun.

A very good feature of the game is that you can actually play across the globe by participating in tournaments for HUGE prices.

World 36

Here’s a playlist that nicely presents the solutions to all levels of this world:

Have a nice time playing and enjoy the game to its fullest.

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