Linn: Path of Orchards’ Full Game Walkthrough

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   Linn: Path of Orchards’ is a gorgeous new puzzle platformer developed and released by Crescent Moon Games. Linn: Path of Orchards’ is a 2D platformer that looks a lot like Monument Valley especially regarding both these game’s visual graphics. In Linn you’ll have to try jumping, dashing and sliding through certain platforms that shift and move continuously without a predetermined shifting sometimes. The rotating platforms uncover a tricky reflex-focused challenge which involves many aerial moves and perfect timing. The challengingly-rotating world of Linn brings a pretty modern puzzle platformer set in a fantastic and mysterious ancient world that will keep you encouraged and attracted for much longer than you’d expect.


     In the game, you’re in control of Aban, a nice-looking character that’s on her journey through a lost sky temple. You must help on her divine mission to rejuvenate the ancient tree of light. The game is divided in levels which consist in several unfaithful platforms that would make you often rethink every move you make. Completing levels demands timely reactions and some serious logical thinking. On the other hand, the controls are indeed very simple: You just have to swipe up in order to jump and swipe left or right to turn accordingly. The complexity increases while being on air and you’ll have to make aerial moves. While being in the air you can dash in a certain direction as well as double jump. This means that as you jump you can make up to three different moves before landing; This includes a second jump, a direction change and a dash. Sometimes using all of them will be required in order to succeed, so you should better make sure that you’ll master these combos and know how and when to use them.

   Linn: Path of Orchards’ also features a reward system which includes three stars that must be collected in every level. It’s almost impossible to get all the three stars in a single jump or run so don’t try gathering them promptly. Instead, you can take your time and make separated moves to grab them easily. The wisest strategy is to work your way through the levels while mastering the controls and game’s physics. You can always turn back later for a certain thing that you’ve may missed before. Most likely you’ll have a much easier and much more convenient time once you become better at the game. You can’t always react as you’d want to what’s happening and might have to plan sometimes ahead. It’s better that before starting making moves in a level, to firstly notice the way the platforms moves. The most vital suggestion is to remind you that there’s no need to rush at all. You’re under no time limits so you should take your time and plan your moves calmly. Also you can try and retry a level as much as you want. If you get stuck in the game’s levels rely on the following video walkthroughs with the answers of all the levels of the game:

  • Part 1




  • Part 2

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