Okay? Full Game Walkthrough

#120 in Music

     Okay? Is an innovative musical puzzle game developed by Philipp Stollenmayer. The game starts pretty easy. You must send a ball in a direction that bounces on its way from objects, which then disappears. The goal is to destroy all the objects with one run. Afterwards black objects, which can’t be destroyed, will be added, making the game not that easy after a few beginner levels. Although the app is completely free it features a special payment feature. Once you’ve played 20 levels of the game, a screen will pop up with a message from the developer saying that he hopes you like the game thus far. Immediately afterwards, a message will ask you to name the price you are willing to pay for the game. You can choose anything from zero to $8.99 at that point. If you choose zero, the game will ask for an App Store review whereas if you choose anything else you will simply have to pay up. Are you willing to pay for something you could continue to play for free, solely for the purpose of supporting the developer? That would be something that wants to take your money in a totally unheard way before.

  Okay? is also musical, because every touch of the ball with an object creates a sound. This results in creating whole melodies between certain levels with many objects. Besides, Okay? is a stripped back spatial puzzler in which you need to fling a ball across a screen to hit every piece of white geometry in one move, and it’s all presented in a wonderfully minimal visual style. And, as above mentioned, what makes Okay? even more excited is the payment model. The game asks you how much you’d like to pay. It can vary from nothing, to a bit more, to a bit more still, and to even more than that. Okay? Stands out as a great puzzle game that also makes a lot of acoustic. The ability to determine the price itself is also more than fair and should also be used honestly.

In Okay? given that your job is to clear all the white elements with one stroke, you need to find the right angle so that the ball can bounce and hit other white shape blocks. There are many ways to complete each level, but sometimes there’s also 1 point to start and drag the ball in the correct spot. The mechanics are simple, by just pointing and shooting the ball, while the mission is fairly easy to be understood. Also, worth to mention that some levels get very tricky, there are ones that have only one exact shooting angle in order to successfully complete them. If you get stuck in the game, this is a complete video walkthrough of all the game’s levels:

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