One touch Drawing Game Walkthrough

    One touch Drawing is a fantastic addictive puzzle game developed by Ecapyc Inc. The game is very simple to be played but yet very challenging, characterized by increasing difficulty and demanding levels. In One touch Drawing you draw everything with only “One touch”. The game has a unique and single rule: “Each pattern is solved by drawing only ONE line that passes through between all the dots”. Draw the given figures with only one touch while you can’t draw the same line twice. The drawn line must be one directional and include all the points of the displayed figure. Surely the rules are seemingly simple, unlike the level of difficulty.

    One touch Drawing will activate and train your brain up to struggle. This amazing puzzle will make you think carefully before starting to connect points within. You must use your logic and memory. The game consists of many levels. Each level presents you with a figure. Your main goal is to draw those displayed figures with a single touch. Use your finger or any pointing object to draw the given figure. Decide a starting point and start drawing from that point without breaking anywhere and without forgetting to draw any of the lines twice. To avoid your confusion, the lines which you have already drawn will promptly appear colored as blue. This helps you to avoid drawing twice on the same line. If you are not able to decide where to start, or got bored of retrying the same puzzle for several time, there is a limited hint system that provides you with the correct starting point.

   One touch Drawing will be for a long time distinguished as one of the most influential and addictive puzzle games around. It provides really fun challenging puzzles and a comfortable way to test your brain with easy-to-play bu yet challenging puzzles. Try to solve as many puzzles as you can and unlock new levels. Train your intelligence and reasoning skills to enhance your memory, attention, intellectual flexibility, concentration and responsiveness, and bring hours of fun to your mind anytime, anywhere. If you get stuck in the game, you can rely on the following video walkthrough of the game, with the correct drawings of 60 levels:

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