Photographs – Puzzle Stories Game Walkthrough

    Photographs – Puzzle Stories is very interesting new puzzle game developed and released by EightyEight Games LTD. The game is literally a tragic short story collection in the form of a puzzle game where each puzzle presents a different story. Each story is set on a different setting and has completely different gameplay mechanics. The creator’s intention was to make a totally different puzzle comparing with most games of the same genre. The gameplay itself has a role in telling the story while this isn’t yet the only peculiarity with this one. Photographs – Puzzle Stories mixes puzzles and storytelling in a very distinctive and interesting way. Very often you’ll find yourself stuck on some puzzles while you won’t even know what you’ll need to do in order to proceed further. Intentionally you’ll ought to search around and solve puzzles while in the same time a new scene will be developed in front of you and you’ll get to hear the story. The story really stands out through the beautifully displayed pixel art and a very warm climacteric music.

       Photographs brings a unique collection of five short stories to be played in their corresponding order; Each of which tells a different story with their own kind of puzzle game elegantly themed to match a certain narrative. “The Alchemist”, for instance, tells a story about a man who lives alone with his daughter in the woods, who sells cures out of his home. You’ll have to guide figures representing the Alchemist and his daughter through a garden which becomes more dangerous as the little girl falls ill. On the other hand, in “The Preventer,” you’re introduced with a young woman who’s located at a school for wizards and plays with time to prevent different love-related occurrences. In this story you’ll play match-3 puzzles as she learns of using magic to save people. All the chapters are fairly short and you can finish each chapter in around 30 minutes. You start out following the story of an alchemist, an old man with an apothecary shop in the woods and a young granddaughter who eventually falls ill. Later stories follow a seemingly disparate group of people, like a champion diver and the editor of a struggling newspaper. The chapters not only differ from each other by telling a different story, but each one has its own unique style of puzzle. For most of the game, you’ll try to figure out how these characters are all connected, as every story seems to exist on its own. Some are set in the modern day, while others are developed through pure fantasy. Although, in the final chapter of  Photographs all these threads are put together together.

    In overall,  Photographs is an incredible game. We don’t really think there’s anything else like it for the moment, so you need to give a try and immerse yourself in this unique puzzling experience. Give it a shot and you won’t regret it.

If you get stuck rely freely on the following video walkthroughs for the whole game:

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