Pluck It: Hairs and Emotions Game Walkthrough

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      Pluck It: Hairs and Emotions is a funny and weird trivia game developed by Ka Seng Chou. The game is about emotions and hair plucking. Yes indeed you got it right. Hair plucking! The game’s purpose puts in the center the promotion of self awareness and emotional awareness in people’s everyday life in the information age. The player will experience over 30 different emotions while his creativity and imagination will be tested in an unprecedented way.

      Given that Pluck It: Hairs and Emotions is a game about plucking hairs, we must certainly talk a bit about hairs and the way they are implemented in a game. In this strange yet satisfying puzzle game, you will pluck hairs in weird situations. Sometimes they might be normal hairs and sometimes they will be on fire. Why is the hair on fire you might ask, well, not all questions can be always answered. Pluck It stands out as a very strange game and probably one the strangest you will ever be able to play. This game is actually designed to help players with their mental health. The typical modern person’s day is a busy adventure, and there are things that are constantly fighting for our attention, so much that we often forget to think about ourselves. Pluck It is designed to bring these neglected emotions to light and promote self-awareness in our mental state. The game was surely made with a lot of heart and caution, and it’s really one of those games that must be seen/ played to be believed.

      Pluck It: Hairs and Emotions is a weird and wonderful game about plucking hairs and feeling emotions. The game’s plot implies that it can be confusing sometimes, so we’re providing you with this following walkthrough video to help you if you get stuck:

Pluck It is available only available on iOS for the moment and it’s free to download:



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