Scalak Walkthrough

Scalak Game Walkthrough    

       Scalak is a funnily interesting puzzle game, one of its kind, that uses simple game mechanics modulated with precision to create a glaring puzzle gaming experience. The gameplay is focused around placing shapes into spaces on notably cube-based objects. The game challenges the player to rotate the given objects and even combining several pieces to find the right place for everything. Simply said, you actually merge together parts of colorful images in full compliance with each other.

       There are no move or time limits. Nothing will distract you from the challenges to move shapes. Besides, the game doesn’t bother telling you what you must do, or where to start from, it just lets you play on your own, figuring things out by yourself. This app is the best example of a game that has a solid gameplay foundation, which even on its own would be fun, but still manages that the whole experience offers more than just teasing your brain. All this, is wrapped together with striking visuals and fabulous sounds.

       The game gives you task of putting shapes in compatibility into other shapes. They’re all fairly simple, and all you need to figure out is the angle that they need to go in at. There will be cubes you must move around, lights you need to connect together and a lot of other things that you’ll reveal while playing. A few levels will certainly take you more than a couple of minutes to complete and that’s why we’ve decided to provide you with this walkthrough video guide that will make the things a lot more easier for your puzzling struggles.

       Take your time and enjoy the wonderful, engaging puzzle game ‘Scalak’ – the sort of game that almost everyone is going to enjoy.

Tips and Tricks:

As you’ll see through the videos, at the early levels you just need to fill in the white space by dragging shapes. In case you make a mistake during a stage, press and hold on a piece and then press (X) in order to remove it. Central pieces sometimes can be rotated, but the pieces surrounding can’t be altered. In these cases, rotate the central piece until the surrounding pieces fit.

Some other puzzles involve sliding tiles around. If one piece slides too far, use others to prevent it. Puzzles with pipes and colored dots on them require you to link tiles of the same color and then light up. Take it easy with each puzzle. There are no penalties for taking too long or making any mistake. Focus on completing the puzzle. Sometimes it may help to restart the level from scratch.

Walkthrough Videos:

  • Chapter 1/ Levels 1-12

  • Chapter 2/ Levels 13-24

  • Chapter 3/ Levels 25-36

  • Chapter 4/ Levels 37-48

  • Chapter 5/ Levels 49-60

  • Chapter 6/ Levels 61-72

  • Chapter 7/ Levels 73-84

  • Chapter 8/ Levels 85-90

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