Score! Hero Game Walkthrough

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      Score! Hero is a remarkable sports game developed by First Touch Games Ltd. This app brings an original and interesting way of a nicely designed football game on the touch screen. You start the game by choosing a random footballer, whom you can name as you wish. You’ll have to lead your football player through his career, changing teams, trying to break into the national squad, and kicking the ball properly whenever required. Although each game’s score is decided before you even get a chance to touch the screen, all you’ll have to do is completing a specific number of tasks to bring things on to their inevitable conclusion. It does make your matches seem a bit disingenuous, but overall Score! Hero remains an outstanding and entertaining sports experience with many unexpected things.

       Score! Hero is one of those football games that hands in the beautiful game through tiny agonistic moments during matches. The adventure is divided into levels which take place very briefly, since they are placed inside a game’s events. You’ll be given certain specific highlights to lead their action. Each step is managed by tracing the trajectory of the ball on the screen: the direction of the same obviously goes to traverse the line that the ball will follow, while the length is linked to the power of your swipe. Although the goal is always to be able to score, sometimes by starting from an appealing free kick or by rather building a linked action involving several of your teammates.

      Score! Hero is a simple and engaging experience. Every game is essentially a puzzle to solve. The match pauses at certain sections and you have to swipe the screen to pass the ball or shoot. The controls are responsive, and you need to curl the ball and think carefully about each kick you’ll take on. Being a free-to download app, the game involves several in-app purchases. They range from 0.99$ up to $29.99.  You can spend the cash on refilling your energy, re-taking shots, as well as changing the look of your hero.

     Regarding the gameplay, you don’t just control the kicks of your hero though, but almost always you need to pass to other players and set up situations where you can fulfil the star-rated challenges of the levels. Each action has to end in a goal, and if you fail to score you’ll have to use up some energy or currency to have another go. In matches with multiple plays, failing once will head you back to the start. While managing to score after messing up a few times will make you feel pretty special, but having to go back and score goals you’ve already smashed into the back of the goal with style does take the shine off things a little.

      The actual core mechanics of Score! Hero is pretty pleasing. You might not have much control over the outcome, but there’s still something genuinely thrilling about swiping a perfect through-ball to set up another one of your players. And for that alone it’s definitely worth giving a go. If you’re a football fan and you’d like a game that doesn’t require that much commitment, Score! Hero fits every demand perfectly. Play through the 560 challenging levels of this amazing sports-puzzle experience. If you get stuck in the game watch the following video walkthroughs and gameplay for the first 100 levels of the game:

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