Scream Go Hero Gameplay

    Scream Go Hero is a very uncommon platformer game where you actually don’t use neither your fingers nor you a control panel that the game would offer to control your character. Instead you have to scream loudly and clearly towards your device make the game’s character move and jump accordingly through the given obstacles. This exciting voice-based platformer brings up a flawless gameplay with the aim of getting your character to the end of the level. Unless you choose the endless game mode where you must go as far as you can. The only catch is that you can only control your movement with your voice/sound. The louder the noise you make the further your character jumps.

     Scream Go Hero is all about controlling the amount of noise you can make in order to progress through levels. Some jumps will require you to physically scream whereas others just need a gentle whisper. It’s surprisingly fun and frustrating to yell at your mobile device with just the right amount of sound to complete a level. If you’ll find completing levels too easy for you, then you can try the endless game mode as well. In the endless mode you’ll be trying to complete as many jumps in a single row without dying. Even though it may sound pretty easy the struggle is very present with Scream Go Hero’s gameplay so you should better rely on our tips and hints to succeed.


    As you start out you have to check your mic sensitivity first and see if it fits your voice amplitude and your device’s mic condition. Depending on how much you’d want to scream, you will need to adjust the sensitivity in the bottom left corner. If you are playing in silence, then you can adjust the mic to be a bit more sensitive than the regular, meaning you don’t need to make much noise to make your character move. Slide it the other way if you are in a noisy environment where other noises could move your character besides your voice. You can as well blow your phone. Although this may not actually sound like a tip, if you turn your mic sensitivity way up, then you can blow at your phone to cause movement to your character. This means you can make small blows for certain tiny jumps which would give you more control than words or shouting phrases. As you can understand for yourself, playing this game in public may be quite awkward.


   There is a lot of fun going on in Scream Go Hero and you don’t need to deprive yourself from giving it a try. Scream Go Hero: Eighth Note Yasuhati by Ketchapp is a different kind of game as it makes use of your voice to move the character. The app allows you to use your voice to move and jump in between platforms and that’s something quite unique and interesting. Just make sure to don’t disturb your neighbor when playing.

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