Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Walkthrough Part 1: Shinobi

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is an action-adventure game created by FromSoftware, a Japanese video game development company. This walkthrough guide is here to optimize your experience with this absolutely stunning game. There are lots of things going on and apparently, it does get pretty difficult after the likes of the Chained Ogre.

In this walkthrough, we’re not going to cover small details of the game such as the location of each item or skill upgrading, because these depend mostly on how you play and how fast you want things done. However, we will give you the directions and the most important things that you should not miss.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Part 1: Shinobi

At the point where your shinobi is ready, the first thing you should do is to pick up the Ornamental Letter positioned right in front of him. Then just walk forward and jump to get out of there. At the initial part, you don’t have to do anything except for walking and sneaking around, until you make your way over to the Divine Heir.

You will have to go through the basement of a small building where some guards are taking a rest. After that, just sneak through the grass, walk forward and make it to the house where his lord The Divine Air, who by the way is a fragile looking boy, is kept locked. That’s where you’ll get Kusabimaru, your sword, and also a Healing Gourd.

Unfortunately, because the first part is a tutorial, you don’t get any experience if you kill the enemies so it doesn’t really matter if you fight them or not. Anyways, continuously look at the symbol above their heads. If it’s yellow, they have not seen you. If it’s red, prepare yourself for battle.

Go out, kill the enemies if you want and jump onto the wall on the left side. Sneak around a little bit and then drop down to kill the guards. You’ll come across a little Boss (mini-boss). He’s a bit stronger than the others. After defeating him, run towards the right side. Pull yourself up to the wall and repeat this action to get under the bridge. There’s an ugly bugger you’ll have to kill.

Go to the other side of the bridge and find a door with a whistle. Blow that whistle to call The Divine Heir over. Next, go through the corridor and then go to the boss. He is a strong one, but you can manage to defeat him. However, the result is the same whether you kill him or not, so you can just die or take it up as a challenge if you don’t play that way. We suggest you to not focus on this one.

You’ll wake up with an artificial arm called Shinobi Prosthetic which will be actually a lot better than your real arm. Talk to the Sculptor and go outside to find the Coin Purse and the Pellet.

Go around a little more and you’ll find a dead looking guy who will help you train. Finish the training and make your way out to Ashina Outskirts.

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