Stories of Bethem – Full Moon Game Walkthrough

Stories of Bethem – Full Moon Game Walkthrough

        Stories of Bethem – Full Moon is a marvelous RPG (Role Playing Game) developed and distributed by Cristobal Mata. The adventure is full of puzzles and explorations. You start out being Khoma, a youngster involved on a long travel to get the Oneiric Objects of Bethem to cure his cursed father while he himself becomes a wizard. The journey will be full of unexpected events and demanding challenges. While discovering the vast kingdom filled of secrets, you get to test your skills with dungeons full of puzzles to solve.

      As you progress through the game you will find new spells which will allow you to access previously inaccessible areas. Throughout your journey you will come across many logs, fires, computers and many other things blocking your path. Once you find the fire spell you’ll be able to destroy all the logs that once didn’t allow you to get past and discover secrets, extra items and often the correct way to go.

    The best part of Stories of Bethem: Full Moon is definitely the puzzles. In many of the dungeons when searching for Oneiric objects and new spells you will have to complete various rock and balloon puzzles to proceed. Rock puzzles are the commonplace push rocks to certain areas while not blocking off the path for other rocks, and balloon puzzles involves shooting a balloon around a preset area attempting to get it to a certain point. These always manage to be challenging intruders while never being too difficult.

Things to consider before starting:

  • You can replenish your MP by consuming the blue orb (which usually drops from barrels)
  • You need a higher level ring in order to reveal aura more easily.
  • Upgrade your ring whenever you can. You can upgrade your ring by collecting Unknown Medallions and giving them to the Green Witch in Modoke Lake.
  • Go to the opposite side of the hole if you’re about to fall. You can prevent falling that way.
  • You have a longer attacking range than the enemies. Use it to kill the enemies without taking damage.
  • You don’t have to be in a straight line with the enemy to hit them. You can move a little to the side to avoid them spotting you while killing them.


  The main menu is controlled via a d-pad and on-screen buttons. Instead of just tapping “Play” or “Settings” you have to use the arrows to scroll down and then press A to select. The same controls persist in the game, and there are even on-screen ‘START’ and ‘SELECT’ buttons. The player has to complete the side-quests and get the 52 achievements to fully conclude the game. If you get stuck in the game, check out the below videos walkthrough for the game:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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